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Our priority is offering the absolute highest quality metal fabrication service in Phoenix Arizona by, designing, engineering, and custom finishing some of the best metal work in the Valley. We “push the envelope” on design, function and completely unique innovation. The difference with Artistic Alloys is the artistic element. Artistic metal fabrication requires full mastery of the fabrication and installation processes.

Your home or business deserves the best and we create everything from the most utilitarian to the most aesthetically unique metal art objects. The items we fabricate can be as beautiful as they are strong. Adorn your home with structural elements that will stand out and help create that first impression as guests or clients arrive at your home or place of business. We set the standard for custom artistic metal fabrication, and are at your service.


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What Is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is a process used by a lot of different kinds of industries. It can be used to build everything from Aircraft carriers to metal gates. It is done by the bending, cutting, and assembling of metal sections. It commonly also involves welding to join pieces of metal.

It starts with a need or want for a new metal structure or ornamentation to be added to either a residential or commercial property. Home or business owners explain the functional or visual elements they’d like to add to their property, a design is created and then agreed upon. Then the fabrication of whatever various metal objects begins. Different types of metal are used to achieve either traditional or modern looks, and various paints and finishes are available to make a truly custom look.

Once the fabrication is complete the pieces are prepped for transport to the property and then professionally installed. This is where truly professional artistic metal fabricators shine. Not only are their art objects created by clients design to wow guests, but quality installation ensures the structural or ornamentation object will last for many years to come.

Types Of Metal Fabrication

Residential – Homes have many different elements where items can be created to improve the look, strength, and security of your home. Services include metal gates, metal stair railings, custom entry doors, custom fireplaces, custom kitchen range hoods, custom kitchen surfaces, custom wine rooms and more.

Commercial – Businesses have a reputation to maintain and metal is the most durable material imaginable. If you want to be able to offer a consistent, durable, and strong presence that customers notice you should invest in the visually stunning addition of artistic metal fabrication for your locations. Stun your guests with custom work like, metal entry doors, metal sculptures, metal signage for the interior or exterior of your building, even metal furniture for your location.

Metal Fabrication Methods

Assembling – There are a few different ways to join individual pieces of metal. Some give a more seamless look, while others will look more rustic or industrial. Your imagination is the real limit to metal fabrication. With threaded fasteners, riveting, adhesives, and especially welding there are many ways to customize a piece and a look. The only real limit to your design is your dreams and the skill of your artistic metal fabricator.

Bending – The bending of metal is centuries old. It is done today either by machine, or in the case of custom work it is still done by hammering by hand. In a machine there is a press brake used to control the machine and the metal piece is moved through the machine to hammer out and bend it into the desired shape.

Cutting – Many artistic metal fabrication projects involve cutting metal. It is used to create custom designs, like details in gates such as leaves or lettering. Tradition hand tools like chiseling, shearing, sawing are still widely used today. In addition the use of using plasma or oxy-fuel torches helps with cutting custom patterns and elements into the metal.

Machining – This process uses machines like a lathe to remove metal from a raw piece of metal. Sometime it is the tool that moves, and others the piece of metal moves against a rotating cutting surface to remove some of the metal.

Shearing – This is a common process used to cut sheet metal. It is very similar to how a paper cutter slices paper, a long handle is used to give leverage and cut the piece of metal to fit the design.

Punching – Any time a design calls for rivets or threaded hardware a hole must be created for the fasteners to go through. Other times holes are aesthetic elements of the design. They are created by two pieces of metal that are pressed together to punch a hole in the metal with a scissor like movement.

Stamping – Stamping is very similar to punching but the machine stops before the material is cut. This leaves an indentation or raised section in the metal that is common in artistic metal fabrication designs. This adorns the surface of the metal with visual interest.

Welding – This is one of the most common and most skilled type of metal fabrication skill. It is the delineator between hobby and chosen career. Skilled welders are able to make attractive, seamless welds that add to the value and strength of a metal piece. Whether it is simply a metal sculpture, or something more industrial like metal security doors, the quality of the welds define the strength of the object.

Metal Fabrication Services Offered by Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC

As one of the leaders in the custom metal fabricating industry, our experience paired your design ideas will ensure a finished product better then you had hoped for. We only use the highest quality metals in our projects, such as iron, steel, aluminum, brass, copper and zinc.