How Much Does A Security Door Cost?
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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Security Door Cost?

The Perfectly designed entryway can vary far and wide, and for many this includes a security door. As for the price when it comes down to everything included such as the locks, installation, and the unit itself. Homeowners can expect to spend anywhere from $600 on the cheap side. The average for a project of this nature is around $1,400 and the more expensive jobs sit around $4,600. Steel frames and models typically range from $300 to $700. When it comes to security screen doors they are priced much less and average from $50 to $600.

Primarily when it comes to security doors, they serve multiple purposes. Mainly being blockades for any intruders entering the home, and most choices come in all sorts of colors and layouts that won’t impact the aesthetic the homeowner is trying to achieve.

Depending on the model of door used whether it be a security model or another all homeowners have countless options to choose from throughout this process. If you wanted your contractor to install a security door you have purchased or would rather go through them for the entire ordeal, then both options are wonderful and work just as well.

Pay attention to the warranty with your door as they may become void due to ill proper installation. Please do be wearying of the following things before deciding to proceed with the project by yourself.

Average Security Door Price

Avg. Price        $2,600

Highest Price   $4,600

Lowest Price   $600


Types of Screen Security Doors

Like mentioned previously there is a huge array of types of security doors to choose from. Ranging from Screen doors, Sliding, Fiberglass, Pure Steel Security Doors, Hardwood, Wrought Iron, and even Steel-Encased Hardwood. Dialing it back to the version of Screen Security Doors, wide ranges of developments have taken place over the year focusing on security styles that mainly offer protection, airflow, and convenience.

Screen doors range anywhere from $50 to $600 for larger sizes, depending on the material used and other factors such as size.

In the realm of Sliding security doors for your back patio – the prices do vary from $300 upwards to $1,000+. The cost factors out due to the size of the glass and materials used.

Security door models made from Fiberglass offer the resemblance of hardwood without too much bang for your buck. Fiberglass contains a shell-like feeling with an interior of cushion and wood. Pricing averages around $400 and above.

What about Storm Security Doors? This unit is the most stable and secure product and the security of it does impact the rate in which you pay. Typically providing tremendous support against weather and another force trying to enter the barrier.

The average storm door is not built for security by design hence why the security version may be more costly. Regular storm doors range from $100 to around $400. Security styles can cost around $300 upwards to $3,000+. Steel is the industry standard when it comes to securing an entrance, consider a steel security door due to its affordability, durability, and ease of use when it comes to such purchase. Doors range anywhere from $300 to $700.

When it comes to Hardwood security doors it is typically a fan favorite. Units are sculpted from solid hardwood which costs on average around $900, depending on the wood species that is used. Once finished, the product stands at 2” thick, which proves more than enough protection against forced entries or any weather issues.

Wrought Iron security style doors offer a classic look and feel that represent superior strength when it comes to security doors. Caution when using this material as you can pay upwards to $1,000 to $4,000 depending on the product. Along with the installation of the wrought iron, tends to average around $550 for installation, of course, this can range.

As mentioned previously Hardwood is a fan favorite. Although at times it does not stand up to the level of security needed to stand the test of time. In these instances, steel-encased hardwood is always an option, pricier, yes – still an option of course. Product cost ranging anywhere around $3,000. Guaranteeing you longevity and years of security for your home.


The Cost of Installation For Security Doors

The range in how much the installation can cost related to the amount of work required to finish the job. Plan on budgeting around $300 to around $1,000 for the installation work alone. In most cases people pay on the lower end of this – just incase have the budget ready to expend.


Should You Hire a Professional or DIY?

Homeowners with the arsenal of skills in carpentry or metallic work can install security doors themselves. In most cases, though manufacturers advise way against this, as it could void possible warranties. Doors may appear as an easy project to accomplish. Keep in mind the amount of precision and patience it takes to install something of this nature. Most people agree that getting the job done correctly the first time is the best-case scenario and justifies any costs made towards hiring professionals.

Free Security Door Installation Quotes In Phoenix

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