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Our Mission

"Artistic Alloys and Design, LLC is dedicated to delivering the best designs, materials, engineering and craftsmanship to provide our clients with world class results to set the standard by which other metal fabricators compare themselves."

Remodeling and Home Design

Artistic Alloys is a custom metal fabrication company in Phoenix, AZ providing welding services, custom metal fabrication, Iron entry doors, custom entry doors, custom wrought iron gates, other metal gates, custom fireplaces, custom commercial kitchen metal fabrication, driveway gates, custom iron staircase railings, walk gates, commercial restaurant accessories, custom mailboxes, custom metal business signs and commercial entry doors, oven hoods & custom kitchen accessories, park add-ons, custom wine rooms, metal walls & tables, steel windows and doors and commercial doors and windows.

As one of the leaders in the custom metal fabricating industry, our experience paired your design ideas will ensure a finished product better then you had hoped for. We only use the highest quality metals in our projects, such as iron, steel, aluminum, brass, copper and zinc.


Raise The Bar

At Artistic Alloys, we aspire to raise the bar for our competitors. We specialize in one-of-a-kind pieces, whether it's for the home or for your business. We have the tools to bring any project to life.

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Our priority is offering the absolute highest quality service, designing, engineering, fabrication and custom finishes. We "push the envelope" on design, function and completely unique innovation.

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Artistic Alloys & Design was founded by Scott La Zar to provide businesses, developers and homeowners with artistically designed metal fabrication products that are unique, one-of-a-kind works of art which enhance the beauty of any design project. Mr. La Zar has been in the industry for over 20 years bringing his vast knowledge base of creative design implementations to countless satisfied customers.

Pride and reputation is instilled in every project we perform and throughout our employees, vendors and clients. Excellence in our unique business is quality not quantity. Every creation we produce is fully and completely guaranteed to perform, withstand and enhance all applications and duties they are designed for.
Thank you for your time and interest in Artistic Alloys & Design. Please browse through our projects to see if our designs spark an idea for your environment. I hope for the opportunity to accommodate you.

Sincerely, Scott

What I Offer

What I Offer

  • "One of a kind" design
  • Extreme quality welding
  • Unique fabrication
  • Stellar service

Traditional Finishing Of Fine Ornamental Metalwork


A lot of the items we see in our daily lives are coated with paints. While these colorful additions add vibrance to our spaces the charm and complexity of traditional finishing of fine ornamental metalwork is undeniable. One of the lesser known processes in designing and fabricating ornamental ironwork is how exactly is the work finished?

Fine Finishes For Fine Art

Wrought iron is much like fine pieces of wood cabinetry and furniture, it deserves nothing less than a fine finish that allows it quality and character of the piece to shine forth. The craftsmanship along with quality materials and expert metalworking skills need not be hidden behind coats of paint and traditional finishes make it possible to enjoy this artistic medium.

The fine joinery and surface texture is part of the charm when you have fine ornamental metalwork fabricated. Fine hand wrought metalwork is a skill, trade, and art form. The overall composition including the leaf work and scrolls when fabricated by master metalworkers will have quality that nearly demands attention.

Understanding Fine Finishes

With a lot of new products and finishes on the market there is confusion about the best and most effective ways to achieve a tradition finish that allows the metal’s true charm to shine. The most knowledgeable architects and clients are aware of the wax and oil finishes that are the best for creating this fine finish.

Builders and property owners must trust the judgment and skill of their metal fabricator. The finish is an integral part of the overall finished piece and should be considered before any fabrication begins.  The end product will have a character all its own and a large part of how it will look is the finish that is applied. Think about the way we think about old fading paintjobs on cars or beautiful new vehicles on lots. The finish is part of the metalwork’s final appearance.

Fine Finishes Start With Fine Materials

Beautiful iron work finishes begin with quality and exquisite materials. They chosen to fit the motif that is desired which might be smooth or include pitting. While some might see pitting in the surface of the metal as a design flaw, it can be a element that give surface texture that gives a weathered and old world feel.

The discerning clients prefer to have metal that is subtly distressed or pitted. This means that it must look or be natural. The process requires expert handwork so it feels natural and it doesn’t end up looking like something a machine produced. The organic feel of the work is where the true metalwork artist does his work. In the old world metal production processes produced this texture naturally. Large iron bars were drawn down into the desired railings and metal pieces which naturally created the texture.

Applying The Finish

Once the parts have been created and the texture applied the metal is ready for the finish. The traditional finish usually comprised of either both oil and wax, or one of the two alone. Raw beeswax is applied to the hot metal and allowed to be absorbed. Before the waxes or oils are applied light colorings can be added to create unique and interesting color finishes that still allow the character of the metal so shine forth.

Once dry and properly cured the finish give a lustrous, rich, colorful and semi transparent finish which highlights the elegance and character of the metal. While the raw materials are not particularly costly the labor is time intensive and must be completed by a master metal worker.

Scottsdale Fine Ornamental Metalwork Finishes

Artistic Alloys builds both functional and artistic metal pieces for the people of Phoenix out of their Scottsdale shop. With a wealth of experience we help you with design, expertly fabricate, coat the wrought iron with the finishes artistic metalwork demands, and then expertly install your custom metal work at your home or business. If you are ready to appoint your business or home with custom metal ornamentation look no further than Artistic Alloys.


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Fabricating Wrought Iron Staircase Railings


Wrought Iron Railings are simply barriers that are designed and installed to keep people, children, or pets from falling off of landings, decks, staircases and balconies. Railings are also used for catwalks, porches, or any other area where people work or spend time. We design, fabricate, and install wrought iron railings to prevent serious injuries from falling.

Fabricating a wrought iron staircase railing takes experience with welding, specialized tools, and practice. This is a primer of what it will take to fabricate a wrought iron railing.

What Makes A Staircase Railing?

Wrought iron staircase railings are usually made up of panels. They are typically rectangular in shape, but can be customized by creative metalworkers. These panels are built to be installed into a newel post, existing wall, or other feature in the home.

Staircase railings have 4 basic parts that constitute the staircase railing.

  • Balusters are the vertical sections that usually run between the top and bottom railing. The purpose of balusters is to stop children or pets from passing under the top railing and fall.
  • The top and bottom railing are the backbone of the staircase railing. They hold the balusters in place and give people a place to either rest or an anchor to grab if they lose their balance.
  • Newel posts are the vertical anchors that are set into the structure of the home to provide strength to the staircase. Newel posts are made from either metal or are constructed of wood.
  • Termination plates are the points where the railings end and are secured to the walls or other architectural elements of the home.

Building Wrought Iron Staircase Railings To Code

Like most things in modern construction there are codes to be followed. Each municipality has their own particular codes for how to build staircase railings. Most staircase railings will have a height of about 36” to 38” inches from the bottom to the top rail. Many also have a gap between the bottom rail and the staircase surface. This gap is typically about 3 inches in height.

To keep pets and small children safe the balusters are spaced out at no more than 4 inches on center. On center means that the measurement isn’t to the edge of the material, but the center of each of the balusters. Some builders like to build their wrought iron staircase railings with less space between balusters, for safety. It does mean a few more balusters, but the cost of providing reliable safety is worth it.

Codes for staircase railing strength usually dictate that the railing must be able to support a continuous load of 50 pounds per linear foot. They also must be able to withstand a concentrated load of 200 pounds, in case an adult falls and needs the railing for support. These strength number are easily attainable with properly welded wrought iron.

Designing Wrought Iron Staircase Railings

This is an area where a builder’s imagination can thrive. There is no limit to the type of designs, customizations and detail work that can be done to adorn a house and make it your home. Ultra modern designs with clean minimalistic lines can be made. You can also choose to add more traditional details.

Many homes feature staircases that have been crafted by creative metal artists. These one of a kind wrought iron staircases include many unique and fascinating details. Metal can be worked to resemble elements from nature that bring warmth into your home.

Working with professional designers and fabricators with welding experience can help simplify this process. However having complete creative control is intoxicating and welding your own gives you complete control.

Welding Wrought Iron Staircase Railings

Welding has different styles, equipment, and methods. There is TIG welding, MIG welding, ARC welding, stick welding and more.  No matter the type of welding you choose to use for your iron staircase railing project they key is holding everything in place as it is welded. If you are new to welding you should get training and instruction from qualified trainers. The elements of heat, electricity, and the gasses used to shield the welding in some cases can be dangerous, and care should be taken.

Ultimately when you weld your staircase railing you will follow the design by laying out all the components on a wide, safe work area. They you will secure all of the parts together with welding clamps. This will hold your parts in place while you make your welds.

Custom Artistic Wrought Iron Staircase Railings in Phoenix AZ

Artistic Alloys shop can take the guess work and learning curve out of designing and fabricating your own custom wrought iron staircase in the Phoenix area. Our fabrication shop is located in Scottsdale, but we install anywhere in the Phoenix valley. If you are thinking about a custom artistic wrought iron staircase get in touch with our experienced team of designers, fabricators and installers. Give us a call today at (480) 941-2611 or stop by the shop in Scottsdale, AZ.


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Wrought Iron VS. Steel Gates – What’s the difference?

Difference Between Wrought Iron Gates & Steel Gates

If you’re not much of a gate enthusiast, which most people aren’t, and find yourself in the market for a new metal gate, terms like wrought iron gates and steel gates may through you off. When they’re both metal, what’s with the technicality and why is it important to know the difference between them?

Whats The Difference Between Wrought Iron Gates & Steel Gates?

In amodern manufacturing sense, the difference isn’t that obvious as they’re all advertised the same, as metal gates. But scientifically speaking, and this is what will help you make the right decision, iron is an element from the Periodic Table, while steel is an alloy. Simply put, iron is the raw material that can be extracted from the earth and steel is artificially created by mixing iron and carbon.

If you’re not much for Chemistry either, right about now you must be wondering how knowing what they scientifically are helps you make the right decision? We’ve outlined the characteristics of the two substances below so you know the difference between them when you walk in to by fencing and can ask the right questions.

Wrought Iron Gates

IRON Gates – Iron is the raw element that has been excavated for centuries by all sorts of civilizations. The wrought iron that earlier civilizations forged with an anvil and a sledge-hammer no longer exists in the commercial sense, with only a few establishments in the country doing the work, and they too will normally charge a premium price. Since steel is stronger, rust-proof, and an overall superior metal, it has been the metal of choice for the last century.

This shift from iron to steel does not mean that iron is not being used in manufacturing anymore. Especially in gate manufacturing, where steel is used for the posts, railings, gate frames and pickets, manufacturers may favor sand-cast iron for post and gate frame caps, finial tips, panel brackets and other ornaments. This is because steel may be stronger, more wear-resistant, and ideal for cutting, rolling, and stamping, sand-cast iron allows easier and finer crafting and therefore takes the credit for detailed work which is not only stunning to look at but strong as well.

Steel Gates

STEEL Gates– Steel is what most metal gate fabricators will make their gates out of, followed by aluminum. This is because, as mentioned earlier, steel is stronger metal, is rust-proof and doesn’t easily corrode. However, the quality of the material used in the gate will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, which is why you need to get the dealer to tell you exactly what the gate is made of. A majority of gate fabricators will make gates out of thinner stamped steel, with no iron components, and press the top of the picket into a flat pointy shape. Manufacturing such a gate is cheaper therefore a good option if you’re on a tight budget, but it lacks the stunning appearance of an iron tip. Manufacturer’s will also let you upgrade to finial tips for an extra charge, but even these, in most cases, are made out of plastic or die-cast and pressure-fit on top of each picket individually. This would mean that you need to get them all lined up straight if you want your gate to look good, and that becomes a problem when you have several meters of fencing.

This does not mean that these gates are necessarily poor quality. Since they’re made mostly out of steel, they’ll be strong, economical and do the job well, but will lack the stunning appearance that can be achieved by using steel for the framework and iron for the finish.

This is why you need to read the fine-print and ask lots of questions when buying your gate. We hope the clarification above has left you better suited to get a metal gate that’s right for you. And since this will be a significant investment, you ought to make sure it is the right one.

Custom Metal Gate Fabrication

If you are looking for fabricators of steel gates or wrought iron entry gates in Scottsdale, Artistic Alloys is the wrought iron gate fabricator for you. Give us a call today at (480) 941-2611 or view our wrought iron gate service page.


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Creating Metal Sculptures


Sculpture is arguably one of the oldest forms of fine art. It has over time influenced western culture in a variety of ways. While sculptures were a central theme in religious art during many hundreds of years, today it is a way to create lasting impressions and expressions. One of the most durable materials sculptures can be made from is metal. Creating metal sculptures takes modern tools, and moderns skills.

Methods Of Metal Sculpture

There are various ways for a metal artist to create visually stunning and durable art objects. These vary in the type of metal that is used, and how it is manipulated to make the shapes that inspire us.

Art Of Direct Metal Sculpture – Welding

With the introduction of the oxyacetylene welding torch metal work as an art form has been revolutionized. Via a combination of forging and welding objects of great beauty can be created. Welding is used to cut and joint pieces of metal. While many times its utilitarian applications are the only ones people think about, it has serious artistic merit. Welding is limited to joining tow pieces of the same type of metal will a small amount of filler. The filler material also needs to be of the same metal type that is being welded.

Brazing however differs from welding in that it can be used to join two different types of metal. In the process of brazing a joint is made from a material that has a lower melting point than the two difference pieces of metal that is to be joined. Brazing is also useful in the joining of nonferrous metals.

Forging is the cutting, hammering, and bending of metal. This is a very common element of creating metal sculptures.

Metal Casting

Casting is a process where raw metal is heated up to its melting point. Then it is poured into a mold which is in the shape of the desired object. The liquid metal is poured in and allowed to cool and solidify. This is a common technique to make shapes or designs that are too complex to affordably create other ways. Traditional methods of casting include sand casting, plaster mold casting, and lost-wax casting.

Repoussé Metal Working

This is the technique of hammering the backside of a piece of metal to create shapes or a raised surface on the opposite side. This is done using a hammer and malleable metal. The low relief that is created can be ornamentation for a variety of applications. From functional metalworking like gates, doors, or kitchen metal work repoussé is a common and timeless

Polishing And Smoothing Metal

Steel wool or emery paper can be used to rub down metal surfaces. Used with abrasives and polishes different appearances and finishes can be achieved for a desired sculpture look. Certain motifs demand a high polished near mirror like finish. While more rustic themes demand a less reflective, weathered surface to stay authentic. Many times artists will upset the expectation and finish the objects in ways that contrast their theme to make a statement.

Scottsdale Creative Metalworking

Artistic Alloys of Scottsdale Arizona creates one of a kind metal objects. Our services can be used to make both functional and purely artistic artistic additions to your home or business.

Whether it be a purely utilitarian functional piece or simply adding a center piece to your home or landscape our designers and fabricators are passionate about unmatched quality and design. Give us a call today to discus your metal project.



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Popular Types Metal Stair Railing

Phoenix Metal Stair Railing

Table Of Contents 

Choosing a metal stair railing for your Phoenix or Scottsdale home is a tough decision. You’ve got to consider a few different factors. As they say, safety first. Making sure you have a stair railing which provides durable and dependable safety for your home or business is critical. Maintenance is also a consideration when choosing a metal stair railing. Lastly having an aesthetic appeal which compliments your home’s interior design and your personal style will set your home’s interior off.

While wood stair railings have been the norm for many years they fall short when compared to metal. Wood stair railings don’t offer the long term durability that metal stair railings give people. A metal stair railing also offers greater strength. It’s important to have a strong railing system in your home. A child or elderly person can take a bad step on your stairs and need that strength and dependability to save them when they reach out for support.

As you consider your metal stair railing options try to balance your appearance against the actual function of the railing to make sure you have something as safe as it is beautiful in your Phoenix home.

Metal Stair Railing Types

With a variety of different types of metals you can really customize the look of your home. These metals can help set apart the interior, or even exterior of your home with an attractive metal stair railing. Each of the different metal types have a different look. Some even have natural anti-microbial properties that will help keep your family and guests healthy. Read through to see which style, finish, and type fits you and your home or commercial needs best.

Stainless Steel Stair Railing Scottsdale AZStainless Steel Stair Railing

For a wonderfully modern look stainless steel is a great metal stair railing option. Stainless steel stair railings offer a clean, polished look. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use because it is corrosion and rust free. This is because it’s made of steel and chromium. Being comprised of a combination of pipes, tubes and cables stainless steel stair railings can be one of a kind and custom to your home or business. Installation of stainless steel stair railings inside a home with stainless steel appliances can really compliment the interior of a home and tie together the interior design. You’ve got the choice of finish for your stainless steel stair railing. You can choose to have a highly polished mirror finish, or you can choose a muted satin if you don’t want something so highly reflective.

Aluminium Stair Railing Scottsdale AZAluminum Stair Railing

If you need an affordable metal stair railing option for your Phoenix home, aluminum might be a good choice. It’s less costly than your stainless steel or wrought iron stair railing options. Aluminum being naturally resistant to corrosion or rust it’s a great option for both outdoor and indoor applications. Aluminum stair railings also have a very good strength to weight ratio, so they are good for strong but light installations. You can get an aluminum stair railing with a polished, muted satin or even painted finish. As with most polished metal surfaces you will have a bit more maintenance to keep it looking good. A muted satin finish on your metal stair railing will help hide fingerprints. Painted aluminum stair railings are a great option if you have a color scheme already going with your interior design.

Brass Stair Railing Scottsdale AZBrass Stair Railing

Brass is an alloy that is comprised of zinc and copper. This combination can be controlled and provides a wonderful color array. It can come from a gold or yellow color all the way to a brown or red color of metal. Brass has been used for years to appoint some of the nicest buildings we have in Scottsdale. It has an elegant, timeless, and classic look that will deliver a stunning addition to your home. Brass stair railings do require a little care to help keep the tarnish off, but does have a natural anti-microbial property which helps keep everyone healthy.

Copper Stair Railing Scottsdale AZCopper Stair Railing

With a wonderfully rich and warm appearance, copper stair railings can be used to really set your home apart. They can be used either indoors or outdoors. As one of the mostly costly metal stair railing options for home or business owners it is a choice for the affluent property owner. Copper stair railings start off with a golden-brown, reddish hue. Over time and exposure they develop a green patina which helps protect the copper from corrosion. As with the brass stair railing option the copper stair railing option helps keep everyone healthier with its natural anti-microbial properties.

Custom Wrought Iron Stair Railing Scottsdale AZWrought Iron Stair Railing

Builders, craftsmen, home owners, and commercial property owners have chosen wrought iron stair railings for well over a century. Wrought iron has a beautiful finish and can be made into intricate decorative designs. It’s a strong material which offers superior durability and strength.  This means it will last for many years and be strong enough to be a safe support option. Generally wrought iron stair railings are finished off with a with a black finish, but there are options for a gold or shimmery silver hue as well. You can have something minimalist or something with custom scroll work to make your metal stair railing one of a kind. While it is possible to install wrought iron both indoors and outdoors rust can be an issue that needs some attention.


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Custom Wine Storage for Wine Lovers

Custom Wine Storage for Wine Lovers Phoenix

If you love wine and want to further your diversity and ability to enjoy it custom wine storage will help you in ways you probably haven’t imagined.  It can be custom fit to your home, your needs and your tastes.  It’s a great place for your collection of wines to age properly and appreciate in value.   It can also be a gathering point for you and your guests to view wine and even with the proper space enjoy social wine tastings in your own home.  In this article we explore the ways that custom wine storage can make being passionate about wine even more fun and easier.

It used to be that a wine cellar had to be below ground, in that basement with all your other forgotten hobbies.  Today people collect wine and socialize with it.  With the proper professional installation your collection can be the crowning jewel in your home, and be in a place people want to venture.

The way that a cellar protects your collection is simple; it protects your wine from heat and vibration while the controlled humidity ensure that the corks stay in good condition.  This means air stays out and wine stays in.

Correct Climate – Just like the grapes that the wine started life as, the wine itself needs to be cared for properly during shipping, storage at the store and then when it resides in your home until you are ready to enjoy it.  Correct climate storage is especially important when you are buying in bulk and aging your wines either for you own enjoyment or to sell it later.  To achieve this correct climate it’s necessary to manage the humidity and temperature of your storage area.

  • An added benefit of the correct environment where you don’t need to worry about your wine is that you can start looking at buying those pricier precious vintages that you want to save for that extra special occasion.

Enhance the aesthetic – We as people love seeing new and exciting things, and even more so love showing our family and friends these things.  Sharing your custom wine cellar is a place where time pauses as we view all the dates and connect to memories of these years listed on the bottles.  With custom design there’s no doubt that your collection of wine will rest in safety and elegance that everyone will love to see.

Durable – Using strong materials and a wealth of years experience custom wine storage designs will help you utilize your space more effectively and for much longer than cheaper alternative methods for storing wine.

Ergonomic design – The design of the wine cellar can be built to your needs, space, and specifications.  So you can have the heights, depths and design that is most easy to use.  Ladders can be added so you can store more, but still reach it safely.

Easy to clean – Accidents happen and dust is a fact.  The varieties of materials used in the construction of wine cellars are not only durable but are easy to wipe off from dust, or if you fumble a bottle easy to wipe off.

Anti-Vibe – Whether it’s rowdy guests dancing and shaking the house or simply typical small shakes from the ground vibration is not good for wine bottles, or wine.  Utilizing rubber shock absorbers are added to critical areas to protect your investment.


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Commercial Kitchen Fabrication

Commercial Kitchen Fabrication Phoenix
Benefits of the Full Metal Kitchen

You’ve got orders to take, meals to make, and don’t need to spend all your time cleaning the grout on a tile surface or worrying about damage to formica or wood kitchen fixtures in your commercial kitchen.  Commercial kitchen fabrication in metal is the most durable, easiest to clean and one of the most visually attractive options available.

Custom Commercial Range Hood PhoenixVentilation Hoods – Vent hoods help with air quality for you and your family.  While preparing and cooking food different meals can release hazardous pollutants and harmful odors, ventilation hoods are the sure fire way to take these fumes and vent them straight outside. They offer a great place to have custom lighting that will help you cook better and have more light in your kitchen in general.

Backsplashes – This is a way to make clean up after making a big meal incredibly easy.  With the application of a bit of water, soap, and a sponge a big mess can be spic and span in no time.  Even Stainless Steel backsplashes are relatively inexpensive to construct.  A bit like a mirror having that reflective surface actually makes the space feel larger.  Also if you’re alternative is tile, you won’t have to worry about cleaning or replacing grout with stainless steel.

Custom Commercial Countertop PhoenixCountertops – Again, a natural element of metal is being durable.  It’s the toughest and will weather the dents, dings, and scratches better than its counterparts.  These counter tops can be made to order in a brushed finish which will help cut down on extraneous cleaning of fingerprints and will help to hide scratches, should end up making a couple.  Being able to multitask is critical for many people’s lives and a metal countertop can help you handle the heat, as setting down a hot pain on metal isn’t going to damage it.  It will also stay looking new and it doesn’t have a tendency to develop patina.   That being said, it’s also a way to set your kitchen apart with a wonderfully tailored individual look.

Islands – As the center point to most kitchens having a stainless steel or other metal island can be the crown jewel in your kitchen.  It can be made to feature very modern materials such as stainless steel, or it can be made to look a bit more rustic with other metal options like copper.  With all the water, dough,  and other things that end up resting on, or getting spilled on your islands it’s clear that metal has the upper hand when it comes to cracks and fading like many other materials.

Custom Commercial Kitchen Fabrication Phoenix

Metal Shelving & Cabinets – Constructed from your choice of metal these shelving systems can be customized for your kitchens demanding needs.   Like all the other kitchen surfaces this is be an easy to clean, easy to maintain and extremely durable.  It can also be a beautiful aesthetic addition to any space.

Ornamental work – You spend a lot of your hard earned dollars appointing your home both inside and out to make it one of a kind, and yours.  Work can be done to just be aesthetically pleasing, or can do dual duty and be functional as a place to hang pots and pans.

When you’re ready to take your commercial kitchen to the next level with custom commercial kitchen fabrication give the experts at Artistic Alloys a call at (480) 941-2611


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Best Security Doors in Arizona

Best Security Doors in Arizona

What is a Security Door?
Our homes, business, hotels and apartment buildings protect our property, our guests, our families and ourselves. But they can’t effectively do their job if the doors can’t effectively keep criminals out.  Many security doors use deadbolt locks, door strike reinforcers, security chains, and alarms to prevent unauthorized entry.  Door windows, peepholes, and security cameras offer property owners the ability to screen visitors before having to disengage the lock and allow entry.

One big thing to keep in mind is that a doors ability to keep people out isn’t just the lock, deadbolt or chain but the door’s actual structural strength.  The best security doors are constructed from either metal or solid hardwood.  Doors made from composite materials or plywood just aren’t strong enough to ensure that your family or business is safe.  They can be rammed through or kicked in due to their insufficient strength.  One of the intimidating psychological deterrents is a visibly thick, heavy door with a robust frame.  Most crimes are crimes of opportunity, open garage doors and property left unattended.  A security door is a great way to send a message to would be criminals that your house or business means business and isn’t going to be the easy mark.

What are the kinds of Security Doors?
Cast Iron Grille – Featuring an outer aluminum frame like many other doors it uses a cast iron grille.  It’s a great option if you really want to match the style and architecture of your home.  When choosing a door just be aware that cast iron doors are quite heavy and might involve reinforcing the frame to support them.

Decorative Grilles – These are the most flexible when it comes to customization.  If the biggest reason you’d like to add a security door to your home is for style, then this is a great option.  There are many patters and different shapes available.

Stainless Steel Security Wire – Being the most costly of all your options this is also the type of door that offers you the highest degree of protection.  Utilizing a three point locking system and being fitted with stainless steel and heavy steel mesh it becomes nearly impossible to break through.

Small Diamond Grille – If your home or business is at high risk for thieves this is a great option.  Featuring very small holes and an aluminum grille it provides an added sense of protection and can also be a great solution for smaller warehouses.

Standard Diamond Grille – Being the most common type of security door it is the most common choice for home-builders.  This is because it has an aluminum frame and grille.  Due to the diamond shape of the grille a would be intruder’s hand will not fit in easily.


Security Door Basics

FRAME – Your door could be made from the same thing as Thor’s hammer, and it’ll do nothing unless it’s paired with a strong from that’s ready to help keep intruders out.  They can be built from either aluminum or steel.

  • Industry leaders have said that a steel door, when its properly installed and constructed can be one of the most effective solutions for security that you have available.
  • If corrosion is an issue at your location Aluminum might be a good option, as it’s less prone to having an issue with reacting to salty air or salt being applied to the road to control snow and ice.
  • The frame needs to have a deep receiver channel for the grille, this makes ti so the edge can not be forced out of the frame easily. Ensure that the main part of the frame and receiver channel makes a good connection so that it’s sturdy.
  • Some doors have internal corner stakes which you can’t see. The stronger option is fully welded corner joints.

INFILL – The inner strength of your door

Grilles, Motifs or Steel Bars – These are some of the strongest systems in the world.  They send a clear message that you mean business and won’t compromise to ensure your safety.

Aluminum Grilles – There are available heavy-duty versions of these doors which look secure but these doors offer just enough protection to keep the bugs out and aren’t going to safeguard your family.

Stainless Steel Mesh – Being one of the most expensive types of doors it’s also probably one of the strongest and most effective when it comes to keeping what you own in and those you don’t want in out.  The great part about these doors is that they are much like looking through a fly screen.  So you get the security while keeping the view.

Structural Aluminum Perforated Sheets – Being a fairly new option industry leaders are saying that they are as secure as a stainless steel mesh, but aren’t as expensive.

Steel Security Door – These are an older solution to securing your property and one that has become less and less popular over the years.  This is due to their cost and the fact that they offer no more protection that most other doors.  They are even constructed less due to their weight and propensity for getting corrosion.

If you have any further questions about how to provide the best protection for your home or office with by using the best security doors in Arizona give the experts a call at Artistic Alloys.  You can reach us by PHONE or give us a shout by using our contact form.


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Longest Lasting Entry Doors for Homes and Businesses

Longest Lasting Entry Doors for Homes and Businesses Scottsdale AZ

Long Term Durability

Most home owners have a list of repairs running around the home and weekends full of chores or business owners with much more on their minds than a front door detail.  One way to make life simpler and more secure is to invest in a more robust option for the entry door to your home or business.  One of the best ways to do this is with wrought iron entry doors.  With the quality of the raw materials and expertise Artistic Alloys employs, these doors can be installed in such a way that they are likely to outlast not only you, but the structure itself.  They might cost more to begin with, but installing wrought iron can be the aesthetically pleasing option you’re looking for.

An Investment

First impressions are a fact, and the first thing a lot of people see when they are coming to visit your home or business is your front entry way. Something as simple as adding these attractive wrought iron doors can mean a higher perceived elegance and security to the building and that can mean even higher resale values for your home, should you ever decide to move.  In fact adding these doors can be a simple way to make the property more valuable than when you first purchased it.

Built for Life, Built for Beauty

“You get what you pay for” is a saying we all know, and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to wrought iron doors.  They are the gold standard when it comes to durability, quality, and when our artisans from Artistic Alloys installs these doors, it can be the crown jewel tying together your landscaping and architecture.

Beauty and the Beast

What’s better than just being pretty?  Being strong!  Crime is a fact in our world, and threats from the elements can’t be ignored.  Custom made iron doors are a surefire way to safeguard your family, your property, your business and yourself.  It’s much more difficult to break into an iron door, than say a cheap wooden one.  So having these wrought iron doors standing in front of your home can be the silent guardians letting would be thieves know that you are serious about security.  And we all know that most crimes are crimes of opportunity.  When it comes to your business you already have a million things to worry about and whether or not someone can crowbar their way past a cheap door shouldn’t be something you have to think about at night when you’re trying to enjoy time with your friends and family.

Your home, your style

All of us know that a simple trip to the home improvement store results in a plethora of cookie cutter solutions that would fit on just about anyone’s home.  When choosing custom wrought iron doors it can be constructed not only to fit in the actual space, but to fit the theme and style of architecture that fits who you are, and what you story is.

Professional Door Installation That Will Last a Lifetime

Rest assured that when you choose Artistic Alloys that the customer and their project comes first.  We’ll come out and professionally inspect the doorway so that the custom work can reside in that space exactly as it should.  This will also give you the client a chance to discuss the dream doors that will complete the look your home deserves.

If you’ve got a few questions or would like to get started on customizing your home, give us a call at 480-941-2611 or shoot us an email at artisticalloys@live.com


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Galvanization….What is it?

You hear the word ‘galvanized’ all the time when it comes to metals. Whether you are shopping for materials or purchasing a finished product of metal fabrication, you’ll inevitably hear the word thrown around. So, what is galvanization? Galvanization is a process that metal is put through in order to protect it from corrosion. There are various ways to galvanize metal, but no matter which methodology is chosen, the results will be more or less the same in the end. At the end of the galvanization process, you will end up with the metal being layered with a coat of zinc, which is the protective shield against corrosion.

There are three common ways to galvanize metal

Hot-Dipping is a galvanization method where steel or iron is dipped into molten zinc. A primitive method, so to speak, that is prone to leaving a zinc coating that is thicker than necessary or desired.

Thermal Diffusion heats the metal and zinc powder together at very high temperatures. Once a certain heat threshold is passed, the zinc will melt down and form along the surface of the metal that is being galvanized.

Electroplating, or electro-galvanizing, gives metal it’s zinc coat by passing an electric current through the metal. This method is typically used in heavy machinery such as cars and trucks.

How to know when Metal is Galvanized

Metal workers can tell if metal is galvanized right away after a quick look, but how can the everyday person who is foreign to metal work tell whether they are looking at galvanized metal or not? Galvanized metal will be lighter in color than non galvanized metal and it will also appear to be a bit more dull in tone. Non galvanized metal has more of a shiny appearance. Galvanized metal will also have a slightly flaked appearance, with subtle silver flakes covering the surface.


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