Ducted Range Hoods

If you are searching for Wall Mount Range Hoods, in Arizona or California; Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC can help! We fabricate many types custom range hoods including wall mount range hoods from nearly any type of metal including copper zinc, stainless steel, iron and more. We can create nearly any type of design you can envision! If you would like to receive a free Wall Mount range hood estimate in Arizona or anywhere else, give Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC a call today at (480) 941-2611.

What Is A Wall Mount Range Hood?

Wall mount range hoods are a feature is most kitchens. They are obviously attached to a wall and do a fantastic job of quickly and effectively exhaust fumes from cooking. This not only allows more comfort for the cook hard at work preparing meals but also helps the whole home by improving air quality. Air quality is important to help maintain the condition of the property but of course, is also vital for the health of those who live in the home! If fumes and steam are not exhausted properly it may lead to mildew or in severe cases, mold. You can do a great deal to preserve your health by using a quality range hood in your kitchen.

Custom Wall Mount Range Hoods

Wall mount range hoods all have a hood (also known as a canopy) above the range equipped with an internal fan. The job of this is to catch steam, fumes, and smells. They are then pumped upwards via a flue (chimney) to the ceiling and from there into a vent. Sometimes called “chimney hoods” they can also be installed freestanding above a kitchen island. They can be ductless or ducted.

Wall Mount Range Hood Installation Services In Arizona & California

If you live in Arizona or California and you want a wall mounted range hood so cooking in your kitchen becomes more enjoyable, get in touch with our wall mounted range hood installers and fabricators a call today at (480) 941-2611. We can visit and consult with you so you end up with the ideal wall mounted range hood for your home.  If your home or project is outside Arizona please contact us with your measurements and design inspiration. We’ll get straight to work on a design for you and send it with a quote for your consideration.  Once you are fully satisfied with the proposal and quote, we will start on fabricating your wall mounted range hood, carefully package it, and ship it to you.  

We fabricate wall mounted range hoods with almost any metal including wrought iron, zinc, copper, and any other alloy you’d love to see in your kitchen we will fabricate, design and install your wall mounted range hood to make a wonderful addition to your home.

Give us a call today to get your wall mounted range hood started and enjoy your kitchen, cooking, and your home more! 

Wall Mount Range Hood Photos

Wall Mounted Range Hoods
In Arizona

When buying a kitchen or remodeling a home in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale or anywhere else in Arizona, the design of a kitchen can be really enhanced with a wall mounted range hood. They are as functional as they are beautiful to look at. Naturally, cooking causes a little smoke and steam. Exhausting the steam and the smoke in an effective manner helps to ensure you have decent air quality in your home. Many people overlook this opportunity to keep air quality healthy and the beautiful design will really set your home apart. When you invest in a wall mounted range hood in Scottsdale, there is only one name you need to know, Artistic Alloys & Design LLC.

Wall Mounted Range Hoods
In California

If you have a house or other property in California, we can supply you with the best and highest quality wall mounted range hoods in the industry. You can customize your wall mounted range hood by choosing the type of metal, size, style and more when you work with our wall mounted range hood fabricators. You will find once installed the yare simply stunning as well as being fully functional! But, you can have even more of a hand in the design! Send us your inspiration for a design or let us know the style you are after and working together we can develop a design, just for you. Our wall mounted range hoods are built to last and they can ship to any location in California to ensure you have the very best in wall mounted range hoods.

Types Of Range Hood We Custom Fabricate In Scottsdale & Paradise Valley AZ

Receive A Free Wall Mount Range Hood Quote

We design and fabricate completely ducted wall mount range hoods for our clients, ship them nationwide, and install them anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.  If you would like to receive a free wall mounted range hood quote in Scottsdale, anywhere else in Arizona, or another part of the country; please give Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC a call today at (480) 941-2611.

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