Ducted Range Hoods

If you are searching for Island Range Hoods, in Arizona or California; Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC can help! We fabricate many kinds of custom range hoods including island range hoods from nearly any kind of metal including copper zinc, iron, stainless steel and a lot more. To obtain a free island range hood estimate in Arizona or anywhere else, give Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC a call today at (480) 941-2611.

Ductless Island Range Hoods Vs. Ducted Island Range Hoods

A ductless island range hood compromises of a fan (or a blower, motor) with a charcoal filter that draws up grease particles, heat, cooking smells, and smoke, filters it, and then rereleases it back into the kitchen. A ducted island range hood requires a ducting system to already be installed in the house and of course, above the stove – the smoke and smells are ducted outside the building. To conclude: A ductless island range hood is better than not having a range hood, but it won’t ever give you the same performance as a ducted island range hood. View our selection of ducted range hoods and ductless range hoods.

Island Range Hood Installation Services

If you live in Arizona or California and you want an island range hood to enjoy cooking in your kitchen, even more, give our highly skilled island range hood fabricators and installers a call today at (480) 941-2611.  To make your island range hood dream a reality, we can come out to your home and consult with you. If your project or home is outside the state of Arizona, please contact us with your measurements, themes, and ideas. We’ll start right away on the design and send it with a quote for your approval.

Once we have your approval of the design, we will start on fabricating your island range hood, then, carefully package it to be shipped, and send your new island range hood right out to you. We fabricate island range hoods with just about any type of metal including wrought iron, copper, zinc, and any other alloy you would love to have as part of your kitchen design. We will design, fabricate and install your island range hood to make a superb addition to your kitchen.

Call Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC today and get your island metal range hood started so you can enjoy cooking, enjoy your kitchen and enjoy your home even more than you do already!

Island Range Hood Photos

Island Range Hoods
In Arizona

When remodeling a kitchen, building or purchasing a new home in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or anywhere else in Arizona, island metal range hoods can really give your kitchen a fine touch of class. They can be just as functional as they are beautiful. Successfully exhausting the steam and the smoke from cooking will help maintain high-quality air throughout your home. To set your home apart from the rest with beauty and to keep air quality healthy, use the best island range hood designer in the business, Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC!

Island Range Hoods
In California

If you have a home in California and want to install a new island range hood, and want the highest quality and most custom options, you need to order it from Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC. You can decide on the style, type of metal, size, and more when you order from the wide variety of island range hood options. Our island range hoods are visually impressive and fully functional! You are in the driving seat as you can send us your inspiration and your ideas for your personalized design, or you can let us know the style you’re curious about and we can start on a design for you.

Types Of Island Range Hoods We Custom Design & Fabricate

Types Of Range Hood We Custom Fabricate In Scottsdale & Paradise Valley AZ

Receive A Free Island Range Hood Quote

We design and fabricate island range hoods and ship them nationwide for our clients. We also offer an installation service anywhere in the Phoenix, Arizona area. If you want to get a free ductless range hood quote in Scottsdale, anywhere else in Arizona, California or any other part of the US; please give Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC a call today at (480) 941-2611.

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