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If you are looking for “Custom Fireplaces Paradise Valley” you are probably looking for a way to customize your home or business. The fireplace can be a centerpiece for many different rooms and can add undeniable refinement to any space. Whether you just want to have a custom metal element for your fireplace like a metal wall or metal mantle we can help. Call us with any questions at 480-941-2611.

Custom Fireplace Design

There are various elements that make up fireplaces. Starting from the top and going down they are crown, over mantel, panel wall, mantel shelf, header, fire box, filler panels, legs, and hearth. Each of these elements contributes to the overall look of your fireplace. Whether they are all metal, or only certain elements mixed with stone you can achieve a customized appearance.

Types Of Fireplace Elements

The Crown, Mantel, Mantel Shelf, Panel Wall, Header, Fire Box, Legs and the Hearth are the pieces that constitute most traditional fireplaces. From the old world traditional look to ultra modern designs we can help you build something that will speak to your visitors. Fireplaces quietly tell a story in the rooms they are installed in.

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Each home has a certain style and character, everything you have installed in the home should speak to this style and help continue the “story” of your style and your home. Some of the styles that people like incorporating into their fireplace design are modern, cottage, traditional, eclectic, rustic and more. No matter what style you want to include in your home Artistic Alloys has the right technique, skills, and tools to make your dream fireplace a reality.

MODERN FIREPLACES – Many homes are going for clean lines and minimalist elements in the home. If the furniture in your home and the architecture has a modern feel and look a modern styled fireplace will add value and fit into the home or business best.

COTTAGE FIREPLACES – Some homes are built to always include a relaxed feel. With mild traditional styling and conservative lines the cottage style helps create a calm environment. If your home already includes this type of style using certain metal types will help stay within this style and make your home more cozy and inviting.

TRADITIONAL FIREPLACES – Traditional fireplaces have the full list of elements from crown to hearth. Each of these elements proportional to each other. If you want to have the iconic looking fireplace in your home we can help!

ECLECTIC FIREPLACES – For those that love new and totally unique looks the eclectic style includes various style elements, many times from competing design styles. If your home is already filled with one of kind elements and you want your fireplace to also tell its own store, the eclectic style will fit your home best.

RUSTIC FIREPLACES – The rustic style calls back to early settlers and high mountain cabins. With the right fabrication techniques the elements can be made to look older, weathered, and distressed. The rustic style fits best when your home already includes other cabin like architecture, wall decorations, and furniture.

Fireplace Fabrication

Once we have the design phase complete and you have approved your fireplace design we will go to work fabricating everything needed to create your durable, long lasting and beautiful fireplace. No matter which elements you want customized for your fireplace we use only the best raw materials and fabrications techniques to produce unsurpassed quality. The level of embellishment and detail of your fireplace is up to you. We can create ultra modern clean lined designs or we can help create old world inspired designs that have great detail.

Fireplace Installation

Once the elements you have ordered have been custom fabricated our installation expert will carefully transport the item or items to your home and install them. Our installations are designed to last for many years and are only installed using the best hardware and techniques. We build one of kind fireplaces that are designed to last many years. Our installation process is matched to this goal and will help ensure your custom fireplace is properly installed to last, and be safe in your home or business.

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If you are ready to have your home or business customized with a new fireplace Artistic Alloys is here to help. We will come to your location and discuss where you want the fireplace, how you want it to look, and collaborate with you throughout the design phase. All you have to do is give us a call to start the project and we will help take care of everything else. To get started call 480-941-2611.

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