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When you’re searching “Custom Range Hoods Mesa”, Artistic Alloys is the answer for the highest quality, most durable, and unique design for your Mesa home or business. Range hoods are functional and add visual interest to your kitchen, and are typically one of the visual focal points to kitchens. They were fist installed in kitchens to help evacuate the sometimes toxic fumes and strong odors from our kitchens while we cook. Today they serve that purpose but also can be made from metal in stunning designs that add visual excitement to your kitchen. Studies have shown that the kitchen is fast becoming a gathering place for more than just preparing meals. Families today are cooking together more, eating around at the bar, and spending more and more time in the kitchen.

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Custom Range Hood design and fabrication services by Artistic Alloys include Stainless Steel Commercial Hoods, Durable Industrial Range Hoods, Kitchen Range Hoods, Copper Range Hoods, Metal Range Hoods, and much more! Contact us today to get started with a new, custom range hood.

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Many kitchens in Mesa have range hoods which are too small for their range, out of date, or simply don’t have one. Range hoods are important as they help control the odors, fumes, heat, and airborne grease while you are cooking. They direct these fumes and odors out of your kitchen, and typically outdoors. In some cases where exhausting these fumes outdoors isn’t possible air filtration is provided to keep the air in your home clean and safe.

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There are many benefits of having a range hood in your kitchen. They are useful in both residential and commercial restaurant settings. We will focus on the 5 biggest benefits of having the right range hood for your range, kitchen, and property.

1. CLEANER AIR IN YOUR HOME – Everything we cook releases some steam as we cook it, yet there are some kinds of cooking which release some smoke and fumes. While we love the rich aromas our cooking makes these fumes can sometimes be toxic and harmful for our lungs. Most of the best recipes require diligent attention while cooking and staying by the range or stovetop. Cooking comes with a bit of grease and oil splatter but cooks should not be exposed to extended poor air quality conditions. Range hoods have fans installed in them which pull the potentially harmful air out of the kitchen. One of the toxic fumes that is possible from cooking is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is incredibly dangerous and needs to be controlled and kept out of homes. This keeps air quality better, everyone healthier, and also helps keep down the moisture or humidity in your home. Excessive moisture in your home can cause more bacteria, germs, and mold to develop.

2. EXHAUSTS HEAT – One thing most property owners can agree on is that keeping homes and businesses cool is expensive. One of the main benefits of range hoods is pulling the hot air out of the kitchen and exhausting it outdoors. Cooking produces heat and steam which rises and ends up in your home. That means that your air conditioning is fighting harder to keep it comfortable in your home. Range hoods also make it more comfortable to be the one standing at the stove while cooking. With the hot air and steam being drawn out of the kitchen and directed outdoors it leaves you with a more comfortable cooking experience. Comfort makes cooking more pleasant, more fun, and makes it easier to focus when cooking complex recipes. When you have a more effective range hood installed in your property you will stay cooler and enjoy cooking more.

3. ENJOY COOKING WITH A RANGE HOOD – Nobody wants to spend their evening sweating while cooking their meals after a hard day at the office. Most of us have enough heat as we work, commute, or take care of our landscapes or chores. After working hard no one is excited to step in front of a range that doesn’t have good ventilation. Range hoods simply make cooking more enjoyable. Just about everyone has a favorite recipe that they love to prepare. Don’t allow your passion for cooking to be tarnished by not having a quality range hood. Artistic Alloys can design, fabricate, and install a visually stunning custom range hood that will make cooking more pleasant. When you are more comfortable cooking at home you will do it more, eat better, and save money over going out to eat!

4. INVEST IN YOUR HOME & HEALTH – Improvements to your home add to the value of your home. Upgraded kitchens and new range hoods are a great way to improve the look and function of your kitchen. New home buyers are looking for homes that feature affluent additions like custom range hoods, custom metal kitchen elements, and the finest appliances. Our range hoods can be built to match style of your kitchen. The metal, shape, size, and finish will compliment the other elements that exist in your kitchen, or are part of your kitchen remodeling project. Installing a custom range hood means having cleaner air, more comfortable cooking, and increased resale value for your home. This means you get to enjoy the benefits of having the range hood and it helps you get a higher asking price whenever you are ready to sell.

5. BETTER LIGHTING FOR YOUR KITCHEN – Lighting in most kitchens is right over your head as you are cooking. This means as you are working on your favorite recipes your shadow is right where you need to see. Custom range hoods are often fabricated with lights in addition to fans so you can see better while you cook. Being able to see the color of the meat you are cooking or measuring seasonings correctly can be the difference between delicious and “don’t do that again”. Having good lighting also helps after you are done cooling with having enough light to clean. Being able to see all of the grease, splatter, and mess means getting your kitchen cleaner. It is hard to see some of these messes without proper lighting. Proper cleaning keeps your kitchen safer by avoiding dangerous buildup of flammable grease.

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If you have a home or restaurant in Mesa and need a new range hood, Artistic Alloys is here to help. Cooking at home or professionally is more fun and efficient when the cook is comfortable and breathing clean air. Give us a call and we can design a visually stunning range hood for your kitchen, fabricate it, and install it to last. We fabricate range hoods with almost any metal including: wrought iron, copper, zinc, and any other alloy you’d love to see in your kitchen we will design, fabricate and install your custom range hood in your home. Range hoods can be fabricated in your choice of metal which includes: copper, zinc, steel, wrought iron and more. If you have seen a design you love or have an idea of your own we will make your dream a reality. There is no design too ambitious, ornate, or complex for us to fabricate and install. When you want the best, most unique, and one-of-a-kind custom range hood fabrication the right call is to Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC. Call our office today at (480) 941-2611!

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