Custom Range Hoods Glendale AZ
Custom Range Hoods Glendale

If you’re searching “Custom Range Hoods Glendale“, we design, fabricate, and install the highest quality and most unique range hoods in Glendale, Arizona.  Artistic Alloys & Design creates visually stunning and functional range roods to make cooking more enjoyable and upgrade your kitchen with better air quality and beautiful design.  While the primary role of a range hood is to collect toxic cooking fumes and exhaust them outdoors, they have become a visual focal point in today’s kitchens.   As the kitchen continues to become a common gathering point for fun with friends and family installing finer kitchen elements such as a custom designed range hood is more important. 

Types Of Range Hoods We Custom Fabricate

Range Hood Types We Design Fabricate and Install Glendale AZ

  • Custom Range Hoods
  • Stainless Steel Commercial Hoods
  • Durable Industrial Range Hoods
  • Kitchen Range Hoods
  • Copper Range Hoods
  • Metal Range Hoods

What Is A Range Hood?

Range Hood in Wood Look Finish Glendale AZ

Glendale homes are full of kitchens which don’t have large enough range hoods, just don’t have one, or have a range hood that is old.  Having a range hood helps get rid of heat, fumes, airborne grease and odors from cooking.  Most designs exhaust this air outside of your home through duct work.  In cases where the design will not allow this, there are range hoods which can exhaust the air indoors through filters.  This keeps you more comfortable while cooking and keeps your indoor air more healthy.

5 Benefits Of Range Hoods

There are a lot of of benefits for range hoods being upgraded or installed in your kitchen.  Range hoods are important in both commercial and residential kitchens.  These are the top 5 most important benefits of having a quality range hood for your commercial or residential property. 

Modern Range Hoods Glendale AZ1. Cleaner Air In Your Home

Every time we cook there is steam, heat, and some smoke. This air can often carry fumes which diminish the quality of the air in our homes, however good it smells.  Rich aromas while we cook might be part of the experience, but an excess of this potentially toxic air is bad for those cooking, and everyone else in the home.  Cooking the best recipes typically requires focus and staying by the stove as the meal is prepared.  While a little oil and grease splatter is unavoidable there is no reason to expose yourself to unhealthy air as you cook.  The fans that pull the fumes from cooking out of your kitchen leave cleaner air in your home, and especially for those who are doing the cooking.  A common gas which is produced by cooking is carbon monoxide, which is well known to cause serious health problems.  It is critical to keep carbon monoxide out of our homes and a range hood helps achieve this goal. If the air isn’t evacuated while you are cooking it leads to diminished air quality, and an increase in humidity in y our home.  Excessive humidity can lead to more germs, bacteria, and even developing mold. 

Large Copper Range Hoods Glendale AZ2. Exhausts Heat

It goes without saying that keeping homes cool in Arizona is a challenge and keeping costs down is a priority.  One of the primary benefits of a range hood is that it removes hot air from cooking and exhausts it outside.  The steam and heat that is produced while cooking rises from your stovetop and either collects at the ceiling, or can be exhausted outdoors with a range hood.  When it collects in your home your air conditioner must work harder and use more energy to keep your home comfortable.  Cooking can be fun and is more so when you are comfortable while doing it.  A common phrase is “if it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen”, with a properly designed range hood your kitchen can stay more comfortable.  

Polished Steel Range Hoods Glendale AZ3. Enjoy Cooking With A Range Hood

After a big day at the office few people want to return home to sweat and slave in a hot kitchen preparing meals.  We have our fill of heat as we work, do yard work, and commute to and from work.  Cooking at home saves money and generally gives us healthier meals than eating out, and it should be fun to cook.  To make it more enjoyable a range hood pulls the hot air from around the workspace and makes it so you can prepare your favorite meals in greater comfort.  Ensure that your love for cooking isn’t ruined by forcing yourself to cook in a kitchen that isn’t properly ventilated.  We can help you design a visually stunning and effective range hood to improve your kitchen and make it more fun and comfortable to cook in your kitchen!

Kitchen Range Hoods Glendale AZ4. Invest In Your Home & Health

As you add improvements to your home and kitchen you are not only making yourself more comfortable, you are investing in the home’s value.  A new range hood is an easy way to give your kitchen a huge back for your buck with unmistakable refinement and style. Many of today’s home buyers are combing through options in Arizona and looking for the finer things already installed in homes and kitchens, and range hoods are one of the things they are looking for.  While the appliances are a big influence in a kitchen they usually go with the homeowner, your range hood is a permanent improvement. Best of all the range hood keeps your home and whoever does the cooking healthier. 

Curved Chrome Range Hood Glendale AZ5. Better Lighting For Your Kitchen

Being able to see while your cooking isn’t always easy if your overhead light  does nothing but cast your shadow on what you’re cooking.  The best range hoods are equipped with custom lighting which illuminates your workspace and makes it easier to see what is happening in the pan or pot.  The color of steaks while they cook is critical to getting the perfect flavor.  Even measuring spices or ingredients is more accurate with proper lighting.  It can be the difference between delicious and “don’t do that again”.  

Quality lighting also makes cleaning easier when the cooking is done.  The spots, splatters, and spills will be easier to notice and clean up properly.  When there is nothing but shadows on the stove with nothing but old or overhead lighting it is difficult to see the mess.  Removing the grease and splatter keeps your kitchen cleaner and can help avoid the build up of flammable grease.

Custom Range Hoods by Artistic Alloys

If your restaurant or home needs a new range hood, we are here to help you design, fabricate, and install it. Professional cooking or cooking at home is more enjoyable and efficient when you are more comfortable and have clean air to breathe.  Call us to explore style and design options and discover a look that will fit your kitchen.

We will fabricate your new range hood in your choice of metal.  Popular options include: copper, wrought iron, stainless steel, zinc, and more.  Using the right tone and finish of metal in your home will help it capture the essence of your home’s style. 


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