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When you are searching “Metal Fabrication” near Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, or any other city in the valley, Artistic Alloys & Design offers custom metal fabrication valley wide. The deciding factor in how unique, how durable, and how beautiful any project is fabricated starts with quality design. We work with homes and businesses to develop designs that capture the character of the business, the building, or the residential property. Every metal fabrication project is done with artistic flare and is made to last with exceptional welding. The decorative and ornamental features we include in the fabrication of our metal gates, security doors, signs, range hoods, countertops, or any other custom metal fabrication project is what sets your residential or commercial property apart. If you have questions about what we can do or you are ready to start your project please call for a free quote at (480) 941-2611.


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When people imagine what metal fabrication is most of the time they imagine nothing but welding or something like old blacksmith shops. While it is true that welding plays a vital role in metal fabrication it is not the only skill needed to create truly artistic works in metal. There are other metal working skills which are indispensable when creating our ornamental and functional metal creations.

While welding is central to metalworking other skills that help us create custom and unique metal items for homes and businesses are shearing, stamping, cutting, bending, seaming, and many others. The collection of metal fabrication skills makes it possible to create the design and look that customers want. From natural elements like leaves, vines, or branches we can create the look, style, and detail needed to make the design stand out. We create the metal fabricated items in the style and look that our customers request with exception attention to detail and a focus on unique design and long term durability.


Residential and commercial property owners frequently have us build custom metal items for homes, kitchens, and businesses. Common projects we fabricate are things like: security doors, gates, countertops, fireplaces, metal walls, and more. If there is a part of your home or business you would like to be upgraded with metal we will draw up a custom design and fabricate it to last.

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Here are just a few of the common types of metal fabrication projects we do! Give us a call today to get started.


Metal Entry Doors

The first thing that people usually see and touch as they arrive at your home is your entry doors. They are the architectural welcome mat to your business or home. Having a custom designed and fabricated set of entry doors sets the stage for what your business or home is about. Get started today.


Metal Range Hoods

Artistic Alloys offers metal range hood design, fabrication, and installation services. Installing a range hood ensures you will have better air quality in your home and less moisture in the air. We design custom wall mount range hoods and install locally. There are many styles and materials to choose from.


Metal Gates & Fences

We can design, fabricate, and install custom iron driveway gates, garden gates, courtyard gates, pool fences and much more. We can fabricate intricate or simple designs depending on the style of properties and tastes of our customers. Choose any style, size, and placement of your new gate.

Metal Fireplaces

Fireplaces are commonly the focal point of many living rooms and great rooms. When we fabricate fireplaces or fireplace surrounds we can make them as embellished and ornamental or as simple and modern as you wish. Tell your story with the design and style of the items that your home is outfitted with.


Metal Countertops

Stainless steel countertops are attractive, sturdily constructed, hard wearing and attractive additions to both residential and commercial properties. Custom countertops are becoming an increasingly popular feature for home and business owners. Contact Artistic Alloys today to learn more or get an estimate.


Metal Signs

Signs and logos are the indicators we all are looking for when we are visiting new places. We help customize the interior or exterior of properties with custom designed and fabricated signs. As visitors come and go, a quality sign will help them find you easier and is a statement that you are proud of.

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While metal fabrication might seem like it would be fairly straightforward the custom metal fabrication we offer requires skill, attention to detail, and artistic flare. Fabricating metal installations include the bending, removal, or addition of metal along with controlled welding techniques and incredible precision. Custom designed and unique fabrication is the passion of our business and we seek to deliver precisely what our customers request. Read below to learn more about some of the techniques we fabricate with.

METAL SHEARING – Shearing of metal is common for the beginning of a lot fabrication projects. This is when raw sections and pieces of metal are cut to fit the needs of your project. Some sections are cut with hand tools and thicker sections are cut using machinery.

METAL WELDING – Welding is today’s foundation for metal fabrication. Once the raw materials have been cut to length and shaped welding is the skill that creates safe, durable, long lasting metal elements. There are different kinds of welding and we use the best techniques and tools for each given situation. Everything we build is built to last and be visually stunning.

METAL BENDING – A lot of designs include rounded or curved sections of metal. These are crated with metal bending. Some sections are pliable enough to do by hand and other larger pieces must be bent with heavy duty machinery.

METAL CORRUGATION – Thin sheets of metal are used many times to keep the weight down and don’t have the rigidity of thicker pieces. To increase the rigidity of these sections channels or waves are created which increase the rigidity and strength of the section.

METAL STAMPING – When a design calls for 3D shapes metal stamping is used. It involves creating the desired shape from using heavy duty machines to press the design into the metal to create a raised design on the opposite side. This is common detailed ornamental sections and other metal parts like gears.

METAL SEAMING – Seaming is needed when two pieces of metal need to be joined. This is an important skill when the element is meant to be water tight and spend its life outdoors.

METAL MILLING – Sheets of raw metal are many times thicker than the design calls for and need to be thinned. The process where metal sheets are thinned is called metal milling. It makes it possible to customize a piece of metal to fit into your design perfectly.

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If you have questions about a project for your business or home or are ready to start please give us a call. We will come to your property and discuss what the project is and how you want it to look. When you are looking for exceptional quality for your home or business in the Valley of the Sun, look no further than Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC.

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