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If you’re searching “Metal Stair Railings” or “Iron Staircase Railings” near Chandler we can help!  Artistic Alloys & Design is your source for the most visually stunning stair railings in Arizona.  Everything we build is as functional as it is unique and beautiful.  Our design, fabrication, and installation team works with everyone from homeowners and business owners, to interior designers, contractors, architects, and project managers who want their property to stand out and have custom metal stair railings.

We welcome your call to discuss your project in Chandler by calling (480) 941-2611 or (480) 490-2935 to get a free quote. We have 3 primary goals with every single job and they are the best quality welds, completely unique design, and dedication to customer satisfaction.  We are Artistic Alloy as we offer complete artistic freedom in everything we design and fabricated.  If you have a dream design but wonder if someone can make it, we welcome the work and a challenge.

Understanding Your Design

We come to your home or business in Chandler to better understand the style you want for your metal stair railings.  Our design team listens intently as you discuss the style and size you want for your stair railing.  Whether indoors or outdoors we can fabricate anything you would want or need for both residential and commercial applications.  We welcome your designs and offer inspiration if you are just starting to decide what you would like to have installed. Browse through other projects we have completed and let us know if there is a style you prefer over others. We aim to match the character of the rest of your home’s color scheme and architecture.  This helps your new metal stair railing fit into your home and look as if it has always been there.

Metal Stair Railing Fabrication

Stairs need to have railings for safety, but that doesn’t mean they have to be simple safety bars.  We fabricate your stair railings with as much or as little ornamentation as you wish.  You can have the style of metal stair railings fabricated in your choice of metal including iron, copper, steel, and others.  Our work is as secure, durable, and reliable as it is visually stunning.

The stair railing we fabricate for your home or business will be finished with the style, pattern and colors you prefer for your property.  We have examples of other projects on the page where you can select a type of metal for your project that fits best with your property’s purpose and style.  When you have Artistic Alloys fabricate your stair railings the style, metal, and finish is completely up to you.

Types Of Metal Stair Railings

We offer stair railings in your choice of metal, style, and finish.  This flexibility makes it so you can have the look of stair railings you want for your business or home. Every type of metal has its own look and advantages.  There are some metals which are naturally antibacterial and each has its own color and character.  Browse through the types of metal we can fabricate your stair railings in below.

Stainless Steel Stair Railings

Stainless steel’s polished and clean look is hard to match.  It is a popular option for properties that already have a modern style.




Aluminum offers a clean look like stainless steel yet is typically more affordable and still offers the safety requirements you need.




Brass offers your property a warmth from red and brown to a gold hue. It is also naturally anti-microbial and assists in reducing the spread of germs.




Copper also delivers a nice rich warmth and anti-microbial benefits.  Over time copper also develops unmistakable depth and patina.




Wrought iron is one of the most sought after stair railing materials as it is common on public and famous buildings worldwide.




Iron Stair Railings We Custom Fabricate in Chandler:

  • Scroll stair railings
  • Oxford stair railings
  • Ribbon stair railings
  • Iron Finishes
  • Tuscan Round stair railings
  • Tuscan Hammered stair railings
  • Gothic stair railings
  • Round stair railings
  • and more…
Gainey Lower Staircase Railing Curved Staircase Railing Mesa AZ Ocatillo Style Staircase Railing Ellis Style Stair Railing Gainey Staircase Railing Mesa AZ 
Curved Octillo Staircase Railing Modern Stainless Steel Staircase Railing Steel Staircase Railing Stainles Steel Staircase Railing Mesa AZ Tuscan Style Staircase Railing 
Black Staircase Railing Mesa AZ Black Stair Railing Commercial Pink Staircase Railing Commercial Stair railing and balcony Ellis Staircase Railing 

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“We would highly recommend Scott and his crew for work involving steel design and fabrication. They created a set of steel doors to hold stained glass for a church in Scottsdale as part of a sanctuary renovation and they did a superb job. Scott was willing to give his creative and artistic energies to our project, exceeding our expectations in the design and craftsmanship of his work. Scott and his crew were capable, conscientious and meticulous in their attention to detail on all aspects of the work. They are awesome.”



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If you're searching "Metal Stair Railings" or "Iron Staircase Railings" near Chandler we can help! Artistic Alloys & Design is your source for the most visually stunning stair railings in Arizona. Everything we build is as functional as it is unique and beautiful.