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Are you a general contractor, homeowner, project manager, interior designer, or architect looking for a custom fabricator of Iron Stair Railings or Stair Railings that works in Paradise Valley, AZ? Well, Artistic Alloys is the Phoenix area’s Premier manufacturer and fabricator of custom metal staircase railings, wrought iron stair railings, and stainless steel railings for residential & commercial properties.
Customers can order custom iron stair railings by calling us at (480) 941-2611 or (480) 490-2935 to get a free quote. With Artistic Alloys, you can expect the highest quality of custom metal fabrication services available. We help your vision meet your budget.

Paradise Valley Iron Stair Railing Fabrication

We can custom fabricate your stair railing’s style, color or pattern to match nearly any style of home or business. View below to choose one of our custom iron stair railing designs we’ve built for previous clients in Paradise Valley, or you can work with our fabrication expert to come up with you own unique metal, stainless steel or wrought iron stair railing.

With the variety of styles, colors and pattern options we offer, the possibilities for your iron railing are endless.

Contact Artistic Alloys at (480) 941-2611 or (480) 490-2935 to get a free quote on your own custom iron stair railing for your home or business.

Our Services

Our 1st priority is making sure our clients are satisfied with the end product. We can assist with the design, fabrication, and install process of your brand new iron railing system.

We design, fabricate, build, and install high quality stair railings made from your choice of metal including: Wrought Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel and more.

We have a great reputation in the Paradise Valley area and have a track record of success striving to exceed our clients expectations with each staircase railing fabrication.

Types Of Metal Stair Railings

Having a wide selection of metals, finishes, and styles Artistic Alloys can help you completely your home or business’ look with custom metal stair railings. Each different type of metal carries with it a character all it’s own with individual advantages. Some are more affordable while others have natural germ killing properties. Take a look at the different types of metals below and click to learn more.

Stainless Steel Stair Railing Paradise Valley AZStainless Steel Stair Railings

When your home or business has a modern aesthetic stainless steel stair railings can be the best way to finish the look. They have a clean and polished look that can’t be matched.



Aluminium Stair Railing Paradise Valley AZAluminum Stair Railings

As one of the most affordable options an aluminium stair railings can achieve the safety you’re wanting to offer while still having a modern and clean look.



Brass-Stair-Railing-Paradise-Valley-AZBrass Stair Railings

Available in a variety of colors and shades brass is also a way to control germs. The metal is naturally anti-microbial and comes in shades anywhere from a gold or brown to red color.



Copper Stair Railings Paradise Valley AZCopper Stair Railings

Copper is another naturally anti-microbial option which has a beautifully natural color. These railings when used outside develop an iconic patina. It appears with the water and oxidation and the green patina actually protects the copper from corrosion.



Wrought Iron Stair RailingsCustom Wrought Iron Stair Railing Paradise Valley

Wrought iron stair railings are some of the most common types. The material has been in use for centuries and beautifully appoints many of the world’s more prestigious buildings.




Iron Stair Railings We Custom Fabricate in Paradise Valley:

  • Tuscan Round stair railings
  • Tuscan Hammered stair railings
  • Gothic stair railings
  • Round stair railings
  • Scroll stair railings
  • Oxford stair railings
  • Ribbon stair railings
  • Iron Finishes
  • and more…
 Paradise Valley AZ iron stair railing - images - Black-railing Wrought Iron Stair Railings Paradise Valley Commercial business stair railing Paradise Valley Iron Commercial Stair Railing Paradise Valley Arizona Stair Railings     
    Ellis-railing011 tuscan style stair railing Paradise Valley Arizona Stair Railing Arizona Staircase Railings Molina-railing-620x402 custom fabricated stair railings images Paradise Valley Iron Stair Railings
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“We would highly recommend Scott and his crew for work involving steel design and fabrication. They created a set of steel doors to hold stained glass for a church in Scottsdale as part of a sanctuary renovation and they did a superb job. Scott was willing to give his creative and artistic energies to our project, exceeding our expectations in the design and craftsmanship of his work. Scott and his crew were capable, conscientious and meticulous in their attention to detail on all aspects of the work. They are awesome.”



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