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Searching for “Phoenix Metal Gates” while looking for metal gate contractors in your area of Phoenix? If so, Artistic Alloys can help! We have numerous years in the custom metal gate fabrication industry, and proudly serve all Phoenix areas.  Specializing in custom metal gate design, fabrication and installation we can come to your home or business to consult with you and collaborate on a custom design that will be as strong as it is beautiful.

We build Phoenix metal gates, single and double metal gates, metal courtyard gates, metal pool gates, backyard gates, metal driveway gates, or any type of gate you could possibly need fabricated.  With our years of experience, full shop of equipment, and exceptional skills in fabrication the sky is the limit when it comes to customization and fabrication of a one of a kind metal gate, right here in Phoenix, AZ.

Metal Gate Fabrication In Phoenix, Arizona | Alloy, Wrought Iron & Steel

Each type of metal and combination of metal has it’s own look and benefits when applied to gates.  Here is a look at some of the types of metal we can fabricate gates for you in Phoenix, Arizona.

Alloy Gate Fabrication

Alloys are a mixture of metals, or another element being added to the original metal.  Adding other metals or elements to copper, aluminium, iron, steel or other metals can give the metal extra strength or eye appeal.  Artistic Alloys can customize your alloy gate design in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale or anywhere in Phoenix.

Wrought Iron Gate Fabrication

There are two forms by which wrought iron is obtained.  It’s either by casting or smelting.  By it’s nature wrought iron is ductile, fibrous, and soft and can be made into the designs our Paradise Valley customers desire.  Since it’s inception as a metal for building in Asia Minor 2,000 years B.C. it’s been a highly sought after material.

Steel Gate Fabrication

Being comprised of both Iron and Carbon its the most used building material which comprises most of the modern worlds infrastructure.  Artistic Alloys in Scottsdale is proud to offer solutions for steel gates.

Artistic Alloys only uses the highest quality raw materials to construct your metal gates in the Phoenix area. In addition to alloys, wrought iron, and steel gates we can custom fabricate gates in aluminum, copper, brass, and zinc.  To learn more about Types of Gates for your Phoenix, Scottsdale or Paradise Valley home read more here.

Custom Phoenix Metal GateBenefits of Phoenix Metal Gates

Installing a custom metal gate in Phoenix can have multiple benefits.  Here are just a few advantages of metal gates.

  • Durability – You probably don’t want to think about your gate every day, or month, or year.  You want a metal gate that is just going to work and stay looking good for many years to come.
  • Privacy – It’s your home or business.  Unwelcomed visitors can be disruptive and discourage repeat business.  A metal gate system is a great way to keep private residential and commercial areas secure for members only.
  • Security – Having a custom metal gate from Artistic Alloys is a sure fire way to get a durable solution for keeping your private property, private.  We all know that most crimes are crimes of opportunity.  Have a gate at the end of your driveway, or your residence to help secure your belongings, and protect your family or business.
  • Property Appreciation – Every purchase is an investment, and it’s never truer than the properties we purchase.  This is true of both our houses and our business locations.  Adding a metal gate in Phoenix will help add value to your property not just simply because of its aesthetic value, but also because of the additional security and long term durability of the materials.
  • Custom Metal Work – With the full skill set that Artistic Alloy’s possesses the metal gate you have built can be made to match your architecture, style, and even the rest of the property’s particular look.
  • Curb Appeal – Being the first thing your visitors or customers see when they arrive at your location custom metal gates will make a serious first impression.  There is a regal sense when you show up to someone’s house and there are gates standing guard as sentries for the property.  It’s much like the charm of a roaring fireplace, it instantly makes an impression.
  • Quality – All of our metal gates in Phoenix are installed with gravity latches, adjustable welded “J” bolts, and can even be equipped with pool codes boxes, if your application warrants it.   Our gravity latches use half inch pickets and scrolls for ultimate durability. These steps are taken to make it so you can focus on business or pleasure, and not have to worry about something that should just work

Custom Phoenix Metal Gate Photo Gallery

Working with one of our in house specialists a custom metal gate can be designed, fabricated and installed to fulfill all your needs and desires. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we are always dedicated to every client being happy and excited about their new metal gate in Phoenix. Take a look at some of the previous work to get an idea of the flexibility design and master craftsmanship:

Metal Gate Phoenix
Phoenix Metal Gates
Metal Gates Phoenix AZ
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Metal Gate in Arizona
Metal Gates Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix Metal Gate Woven Style
double metal gate Phoenix
Phoenix Metal Gates
Custom Phoenix Metal Gate

If you’re ready to get your custom metal gate in Phoenix, we welcome your call and are excited to tackle any challenge. Give us a call at (480) 941-2611 Office, or (480) 490-2935 Cell

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Scott provided great communication and craftsmanship on a project we have just completed in the Biltmore Estates. From the entry gate, to the massive hanging light fixture, to the metal tracks to slide custom art work on… and of course the fireplace cladding- all superb craftsmanship. The technical and tight tolerances on our specifications were critical to the project’s success and Scott hit the mark every time.”



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