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If you are searching for “Range Hoods“, “Oven Hoods” or “Island Range Hoods” in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix or surrounding cities in Arizona, Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC can help! We fabricate custom range hoods from nearly any type of metal including iron, stainless steel, copper zinc and more. We can create nearly any type of design you can think of! If you would like to receive a free range hood estimate in Arizona or anywhere else, give Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC a call today at (480) 490-2935.

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Custom Range Hood design and fabrication services by Artistic Alloys include Stainless Steel Commercial Hoods, Durable Industrial Range Hoods, Kitchen Range Hoods, Copper Range Hoods, Metal Range Hoods, and much more! Contact us today to get started with a new, custom range hood.

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Many Scottsdale homes have oven hoods. In order to understand why they are important it helps to understand what they are and what they do. A range hood’s purpose is to extract the heat, airborne grease, odors, smoke and fumes from cooking and exhaust them outside. Some range hoods also have filtration if the air must be returned to the living space.


When buying a home or remodeling a kitchen in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or anywhere else in Arizona, custom built metal range hoods can really set off the design of a kitchen. They can be as beautiful as they are functional. Cooking causes steam and a little smoke. Effectively exhausting the smoke and steam helps ensure that you have good air quality in you home. It’s frequently overlooked as an opportunity to really set your home apart and keep the air quality healthy. When looking for custom range hoods in Scottsdale, look no further than Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC.

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Island Range Hoods

Cooking is more fun and more social when the range is in the center of the kitchen, installed in the island. While this is a great feature of top end kitchen designs it means having proper ventilation installed over the island. This is what island range hoods are designed to do.

When the range is in the center of the kitchen it makes it possible for more people to cook at once. It also makes it more social to cook as whoever is using the range is looking out to the rest of the kitchen, not facing a wall. With a set of bar stools family and friends can chat while the meal is being prepared.

Wall Mount Range Hoods

Most kitchens feature wall mount range hoods. These range hoods are mounted on the wall and exhaust fumes from cooking quickly and effectively. That means the cook stays more comfortable while preparing meals along with the air quality in the whole home staying better.

Air quality in the home is important not only for the health of the occupants but the condition of the property. Excessive moisture in the home from not exhausting the steam from cooking leads to mildew or worse, mold. It is important to install and use a quality range hood in your kitchen to preserve your health.

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There are quite a few benefits of having a range hood in your Scottsdale kitchen, whether it be your home or professional kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having a range hood.

1. EXHAUSTING THE HEAT – We all pay enough for electricity as it is keeping our homes cool. One of the main jobs of the range hood is to try to capture and control the heat from cooking. The heat and steam rising from cooking just rises and circulates through you kitchen and home without a range hood being installed. Not only will your house stay cooler while cooking if your range hood is turned on but you will stay more comfortable cooking. With the air being sucked directly up less of the steam and heat is able to get to the master chef that’s preparing that wonderful Scottsdale meal. This means you will enjoy cooking more and be able to just focus on the recipe, ingredients and getting it right. It might not be a portable air conditioner, but it will help you breathe easier and stay cooler while cooking.

2. BREATHE EASY WITH CLEANER AIR – All cooking releases some steam, some types of cooking release smoke and fumes. As good as some of these smells might be, they are not good for our lungs. There are even some cooking fumes that are potentially toxic. For the cook having to be close to these smells while making sure that the steak is medium rare, and not charcoal can expose them to these harmful fumes. A custom range hood in Scottsdale can help remove these toxins before they are a problem. As soon as you hit the power switch the range hood kicks on and takes the harmful particles out of your kitchen. This will help keep you and your family healthy. It also helps avoid unnecessary moisture from being in your home. If the steam and greasy air is allowed to linger it can cause mold, and even germs and bacteria. One of the main dangers from cooking without a range hood is carbon monoxide. We all know how bad it can be for us and how hard we work to avoid having it in our homes. A range hood helps exhaust the carbon monoxide that cooking creates outside and away from our homes.

3. ENJOY COOKING WITH A RANGE HOOD – Without a range hood cooking is just about the last thing many of us want to do at the end of a hard day’s work. In Arizona most of us have a hot commute home and hot outdoor chores around the house. No one wants to then jump in front of a range without adequate ventilation. Make cooking enjoyable again with a range hood. We all have those recipes we are especially proud of, or that favorite meal. Don’t let a discomfort of cooking stop you from enjoying the finer things in life. Get a custom range hood in you Scottsdale home and start cooking. It will mean you have more control over what ingredients end up in your food. This means you can choose vegetables and meat that you know are fresh. That leads to a healthier and happier family and house.

4. INVESTING IN YOUR HEALTH AND HOME – We already know that having a custom metal range hood in Scottsdale helps keep the air cleaner. In addition having a custom range hood means increasing your property value. Custom range hoods can be designed to be the right size for your kitchen. This means that it will effectively remove the cooking fumes from your living space. Not only will it do a better job cleaning the air, but when you get a custom range hood you will be able to use metals and styles that match your kitchen design. This will provide you a seamless design for your range hood that compliments your kitchen’s style. You get to enjoy cleaner air and a beautiful centerpiece for your kitchen’s design. And when or if you are ready to sell your home and move to a new house it will increase your resale value. In fact realtors will tell you that many Scottsdale residents have come to expect this luxury. If your home doesn’t have one it will hurt the resale value of the house as prospective buyers will factor in installing a custom range hood.

5. BETTER LIGHTING FOR YOUR KITCHEN – Most lighting directly over you range is centered in the kitchen. When you get up to the range and start to cook you end up casting a shadow where you are trying to work. Custom range hoods are equipped with lights that make cooking safer and easier. Having that adequate lighting is critical for proper measuring of spices and other cooking ingredients. Also when you are cooking meats having good lighting can help you tell when your meat is done. Not only does it help when are actually cooking, but it helps in clean up. With better lighting you will be able to see the spots that might need a little more TLC. Grease and splatter from your pans can be hard to see if you don’t have enough light. Not removing all that grease can lead to excess build up that can be dangerous.

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If you live in Phoenix or Scottsdale and your home could use a range hood to get more enjoyment out of cooking in your kitchen, give our expert hood fabricators and installers a call today at (480) 941-2611 Office – (480) 490-2935 Cell. We can come out and consult with you to make your custom range hood dream a reality. We fabricate range hoods with almost any metal including: wrought iron, copper, zinc, and any other alloy you’d love to see in your kitchen we will design, fabricate and install your custom range hood in your home. Give us a call today to get your custom metal range hood and start enjoying cooking and your home more!

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We fabricate completely custom range hoods for our clients, ship them nationwide, and install them anywhere in the Phoenix Valley. If you would like to receive a free range hood quote in Scottsdale or anywhere else in Arizona, give Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC a call today at (480) 490-2935.

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