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Discover Advanced Metal Fabrication Techniques For Security Doors

The security doors Phoenix homeowners and business owners depend upon to keep their premises safe are often produced through advanced metal fabrication techniques. Artistic Alloys and Design has consistently proven to be one of the highest quality and most affordable metal fabricators in Scottsdale, Metropolitan Phoenix and the surrounding area. No other company produces quality iron doors, security doors, metal gates, pool fences and a host of other similar products with the level of consistency and quality that Artistic Alloys & Design routinely is able to do.

Functional Beauty Is What Metal Artwork Is Really All About

Simply stated, metal fabrication processes include the use of a variety of bending, cutting, shearing, and sawing to achieve unique and amazing metal artwork. Building metal type structures by using advanced assembly processes and techniques, Artistic Alloys & Design is able to achieve a custom look and feel that Phoenix homeowners have come to expect. Taking advantage of a wide variety of raw materials including iron, steel and other metal alloys, the company is able to produce stunningly attractive metal artwork. This work not only looks good but it is also highly functional. Functional beauty is what metal artwork is really all about.

Highly Customized And Unique Metal Artwork

Artistic Alloys and Design has been serving the region for well over two decades and has consistently shown its level of dedication by providing clients with products that meet their exact specifications. Clients and customers of Artistic Alloys and Design always receive world-class results with regard to highly customized and unique metal artwork fabrications and projects. Each project is fully guaranteed to produce the results that a client expects. From indoor spaces to outdoor spaces, metal artwork that is carefully designed and fabricated can greatly enhance the overall look and feel of virtually any space.

The Finest Metal Alloys And Artistic Fabrication Techniques

Affordable quality that is fully guaranteed and that is sure to enhance any home décor or exterior space is what Artistic Alloys & Design has consistently offered for well over two decades. The company specializes in everything from custom gate projects to sculptures and metal window coverings. In addition, fireplaces, awnings, countertops, wine rooms, and even mailboxes can be custom created using the finest metal alloys and artistic fabrication techniques. Contact the leader in metal fabrication and metal artwork today by calling or visiting Artistic Alloys & Design.

The Best Security Doors For Your Home – Artistic Alloys builds the most unique, custom, security doors in the Valley of the Sun. The first line of security in your home need not be reminiscent of prison bars to be secure. With custom metal fabrication Artistic Alloys can custom fit your home with a security door solution that is as beautiful as it is strong. We install security screen doors, iron entry doors, steel entry doors and more. Depending on the style and architecture of your home we can collaborate with you to find a perfect option for your home or business. Artistic Alloys has been installing custom metal security doors in Phoenix for many years and can properly inspect, measure, fabricate and install your security doors.

Security Doors To Fit Your Budget – Everyone has their budget in mind when doing construction projects. We want to give you the best value for your money. Share with us your goals and budget and we will do everything we can to get you the look and style of security doors you are wanting for your home or business.

Professional Design & Fabrication – As the saying goes, measure twice and cut once. When we take on a job we come out to discuss the project. We look at the location the security door is going to go and inspect that part of your structure. The condition of the door jam and the size of the opening affects how secure the door will make your home. Some improvements might be recommended to make the opening the security door is going into as strong as the door itself.

Additional Security Door Features

Artistic Alloys can help make life easier, and have less keys on your keychain. Many homeowners only want to keep track of one key to enter their homes. Not one for security screen door, and another for the main door. These doors can be keyed to match, ask your installer for more details.

A safety chain is a way to keep everyone safe. When the door is opened in high wind conditions it is all too easy to lose the handle on the door. This is especially true if you are just returning home and have your hands full. A wind chain on your security door helps prevent accidents due to high winds.

When someone says that a security door is miltered it means that the corners are made of solid metal, not just left hollow. Hollow corners are an invitation to water seeping into the door. We all know that moisture and metal mean rust. Having miltered corners prevents unnecessary corrosion and early degradation of your security door.

Security doors can offer protection from scorpions and insects. Security doors can have foam seals that close off tiny gaps that some insects exploit to get into homes. Generally this foam should be reapplied on an annual basis to guarantee a tight and effective seal.

There are times where tube mounting is the only way security doors can be installed. However flush mounting is the preferred method. It is a tighter fit, If a tube is used the security door will mount on the trim of the door jam and protrude slightly from the opening. Talk with your custom security door installer for more details on what is best for you and your home.

Genuine Steel, aluminum, or an alloy are the best options for security doors. Alloys and aluminum however need to be thicker to achieve a comparable strength.

Building Custom Creations For Over 20 Years!

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Are you searching for "Security Doors Phoenix" while looking for installers near you? If so, Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC can help!