Stair Railings Tempe AZ
Stair Railings Tempe AZ

Custom Stair Railings Tempe, AZ | Metal Staircase Railing | Stainless Steel

When searching “Custom Stair Railings Tempe, AZ” Artistic Alloys offers absolutely custom stair railings design, fabrication, and installation to Tempe businesses and homeowners. If you’re a homeowner, business owner, interior designer, architect, or general contractor seeking the finest stair railing fabricator for your project in Tempe, Artistic Alloys is the answer. Our metal fabrication team prides itself on absolute quality in welding and unmistakably creative design. From the mild to wild our team will help you find the perfect fit in style, size, and function for your residential or commercial property.

Tempe clients can order custom stair railings by simply calling (480) 941-2611 to get a free stair railing quote.  Ordering custom stair railings from Artistic Alloys means you can expect the highest quality of custom metal fabrication services.  We can work with a variety of project scales from the small to larger and will make the most out of every budget. Our team is known for 3 qualities: absolutely unique custom designs, unwavering quality of welding, and unmatched customer service.  The homes and businesses we work on are enriched with custom artistic flare while while also enjoying durability and safety. This creates more aesthetically pleasing spaces that are beautiful to see, and even more enjoyable to live in.

Designed To Impress

Most home owners have an idea of the style that they feel fits best in their home and is of the style they like best. Every stair railing design can be as simple or complex as you want.  Our goal is complete satisfaction and adding an element to your home that you will love.  We will visit your property and discuss with you the location, size, and style you prefer. Inspiration can be found in our gallery of photos of past projects.

The style that is chosen should meld well with the rest of the architecture in your home. Various metals can be used to build your staircase railing from brass, iron, and stainless steel to the enduring and iconic presence of wrought iron.   We fabricate both the mild and while from the purely functional to the incredibly complex our goal is to add to your property in the way you desire.

Tempe Stair Railing Fabrication

Our team is comprised of highly trained and experienced welders and metal workers. With a mastery of working metal we can create any style or design of staircase railing Tempe residents can image. Everything we build is fabricated to be both functional, durable, and with as much artistic flare and unique design as you wish. Our stair railings take care of both the safety of your building occupants and family while doing so with unmistakably refined style and quality.

The finish, pattern, style, and color of your stair railings will be blended to match the existing style and appearance of your home. You can view examples of our previous projects below to see what we have already built for other clients. The gallery can be an valuable guild to help narrow down which type of metal, style, and finish you would like best for your home or business. Nearly endless options exist when you have your choice of style, metal, and finish.


Contact Artistic Alloys at (480) 941-2611 to get a free quote on for your stair railing for your business or home.

Our Services

Our 1st priority is ensuring client satisfaction with each and every project. We will assist you with the design, fabrication, and installation of your brand new stair railing system.

Our team designs, fabricates, and provides installation of our durable and high quality stair railings which are available in your choice of metal. Brass, Copper, Wrought Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel and more.

We have a great reputation in Tempe and have a track record of satisfied customers by striving to exceed expectations with each staircase railing project.

Types Of Metal Stair Railings

Having a wide selection of metals, finishes, and styles Artistic Alloys can help you completely your home or business’ look with custom metal stair railings. Each different type of metal carries with it a character all it’s own with individual advantages. Some are more affordable while others have natural germ killing properties. Take a look at the different types of metals below and click to learn more.

Stainless Steel Stair Railings
Stainless Steel Stair Railings

Stainless steel stair railings offer a great modern look which blends in nicely with many styles of homes. The metal features a polished and clean look which is hard to match.



Aluminum Stair RailingAluminum Stair Railings

Aluminum represents one of the more affordable metals we can build star railings in. You get the safety compliance you need while also enjoying a clean and modern look.



Brass Stair RailingBrass Stair Railings

Brass offers both natural anti-microbial properties and has a wonderfully warm hue. The color of brass can vary from simply gold to having reddish or brown hues.



Copper Stair RailingCopper Stair Railings

Another anti-microbial options which has a beautifully rich and warm appearance is copper.  When installed outdoors these railings develop an unmistakable and desirable patina caused by time and oxidation.



Wrought Iron Stair RailingsWrought Iron Stair Railing

Wrought iron stair railings represent one of the most common metal options chosen for stair railings. The metal is incredibly durable, strong, and has been used to appoint many of the world’s most prestigious buildings.



Iron Stair Railings We Custom Fabricate in Paradise Valley:

  • Round stair railings
  • Scroll stair railings
  • Oxford stair railings
  • Ribbon stair railings
  • Tuscan Round stair railings
  • Tuscan Hammered stair railings
  • Gothic stair railings
  • Iron Finishes
  • and more…
 Paradise Valley AZ iron stair railing - images - Black-railing Wrought Iron Stair Railings Paradise Valley Commercial business stair railing Paradise Valley Iron Commercial Stair Railing Paradise Valley Arizona Stair Railings     
    Ellis-railing011 tuscan style stair railing Paradise Valley Arizona Stair Railing Arizona Staircase Railings Molina-railing-620x402 custom fabricated stair railings images Paradise Valley Iron Stair Railings
      Iron Stair Railing Fabricators Scottsdale, AZ images Custom Iron Stair Railings Scottsdale AZ, stainless steel stair railing images Steel-and-stainless-railing metal stair railings images stainless steel stair railings images Paradise Valley images iron stair railings scottsdale az

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“We would highly recommend Scott and his crew for work involving steel design and fabrication. They created a set of steel doors to hold stained glass for a church in Scottsdale as part of a sanctuary renovation and they did a superb job. Scott was willing to give his creative and artistic energies to our project, exceeding our expectations in the design and craftsmanship of his work. Scott and his crew were capable, conscientious and meticulous in their attention to detail on all aspects of the work. They are awesome.”



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When searching "Custom Stair Railings Tempe, AZ" Artistic Alloys offers absolutely custom stair railings design, fabrication, and installation to Tempe businesses and homeowners. If you're a homeowner, business owner, interior designer, architect, or general contractor seeking the finest stair railing fabricator for your project in Tempe, Artistic Alloys is the answer.