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If you’ve been searching for staircases in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler we can help. Artistic Alloys & Design specializes in staircase construction and staircase installation our skilled team takes care of the details in designing, fabricating, and installing staircases in the Phoenix Valley.  We are a custom metal shop which prides itself on creating visually stunning and totally unique installations for businesses and homeowners. To start your staircase project please call (480) 941-2611.

Ordering A Custom Staircase

Ordering a staircase from Artistic Alloys & Design is easy and fun.  We come to your property to discuss the placement of the staircase, the style of it, any ornamentation you might like, and get you a quote for the staircase and our professional installation.

Staircase Design

We pride ourselves on creating the style and look that each of our customers desire.  Custom metalwork is our trade and we can build any design of staircase you wish.  From the shape to the style the staircase can be as custom as you want.  We’re proud to offer our staircases in any style from traditional to ultra modern.

Staircase Construction

Our team of highly skilled metalworkers fabricate your staircase by hand and ensure every detail is perfect.  All of our welds are of the highest quality imaginable and will stand the test of time.  Every item we build whether it’s ornamental or functional is fabricated to the highest standards to last, be durable, and safe.

Staircase Installation

Once your staircase design has been built it will be carefully transported to your property.  Our team will carefully set it in place, secure it to the structure, and ensure that it is installed safely and to last.  We treat your home with the upmost care and delicately carry the staircase through entryways and hallways.

Types Of Staircases

There are 4 main categories of staircases, straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, and spiral staircases.  Each of them have pros and cons.  We will help you choose the best type of staircase for your property and where  you’d like your new staircase to be installed.

Custom Staircase Straight

Straight Staircases

Straight staircases are probably the most common and are defined by having no turns.  These staircases are common in both commercial and residential properties.  These staircases are more simple to install and easier for people to use.  Straight staircases do take up more linear room which can be restrictive to how you use your interior space.

Custom Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases are popular in both residential and commercial properties.  Partially because they are a huge space saver, but also due to them having a classic and timeless appearance.  The staircase features a center pole that stairs and railings are installed onto.  They add a fun bit of visual interest to just about any property.

Custom Staircase L-Shaped

L-Shaped Staircases

An L-Shaped, or “quarter turn”, staircase is one where the stairs make a single turn and is typically a 90° turn.  Where an L-Shaped staircase makes that turn is defined by how the interior space is going to be used under the staircase.  Many homeowners prefer this type as it is visually interesting and helps keep noise restricted to each level of the property. They do however usually require an additional support added near the point where they turn.

Custom Staircase U-Shaped

U-Shaped Staircases

U-Shaped staircases are those where the stairs make two turns.  Essentially, they are two staircases that are joined by a landing which involved a walk way line that turns 180°.  This type of staircase is common in larger homes and especially commercial buildings that have a lot of foot traffic.  This design of staircase typically requires at least two additional anchor points to support the staircase.

Staircase Styles

As part of your custom staircase installation we offer any type, style, or theme of staircase you wish.  Your staircase makes up a large visual element in the home or commercial property.  Consider which style you believe would blend in with and compliment your property.  Contact us with any questions or send us your design inspiration and let us know how we can help customize the design so it is completely unique, and completely you.

Ornamental Metal Staircase

Skilled metalworking craftsmen can create functional works art out of your staircases.  With a combination of stair treads and detailed railings your staircases can speak volumes about your property.  Handrails, treads, and balusters are custom designed to fit your style.  Design style element can include virtually any inspiration from classic and modern to ornate and minimalist.

Modern Staircase Staircases

As our world progresses into wanting all properties be they commercial or residential to have uncompromising aesthetic value modern staircase are growing in popularity.  Commonly featuring custom shapes, unique design elements, mono-stringers, dual-stringers, and cable rails modern design staircases have become a very popular trend.

Craftsmen Staircases

For some property owners nothing but the best will do, and craftsmen staircase are the answer.  These staircases typically include clean lines and timeless design style influences.  A lot of owners prefer having these stair cases built using warmer materials such as brass, wood, or even copper.  They give a property a warmer more classic feel.

Traditional Staircases

Depending on the style of your home, office, or commercial location a traditional staircase may work best.  In traditional staircase styles you will find solid newel and tubular baluster designs.  Baluster accents may include baskets, twists, plain bars, and knuckles. These staircases can be made with both hammered and smooth textures.  Popular metals to use are bronze, copper, and painted black satin.

Staircase Options

No matter what design of staircase you like there are some options you can choose to include in the design of your staircase.  Staircases can be made with landings even if they are simple straight design.  In addition L-shaped and U-shaped staircases can be made to have a “winder staircase” style.

Staircase Landings

If the distance of the staircase needs to run longer to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the living or business space under them they can be made longer.  To provide the necessary distance many times landings are added to help span the distance.  They are also a good idea for homes or properties which are common for the elderly to need to use the staircase.

Winder Staircases

Winder staircases are those where there is a turn or turns and instead of a simple landing a stair is set at an angle.  This can help crate a more unique look to the staircase and waste less space directly under the stairs.  This is a great detail for homes and businesses that want to have greater visual impact from their staircase design.

Choice Of Material

When you order your staircase from Artistic Alloys & Design you get to choose your type of metal and staircase construction.  We specialize in working with a variety of metals and metal alloys.  This includes popular metals such as copper, brass, wrought iron, stainless steel, and more. So you can customize your staircase with our team of skilled professionals.

Custom Ornamentation

Many affluent homes across the valley have themes based on nature, geometry, and other influences.  Our team can include these elements in your staircase design to help it blend in perfectly with your home or business.  We can also add logos, lettering, or other types of ornamental details to make your staircase uniquely you.

Schedule A Free Staircase Consultation

Whether you’re building a new property and need a new staircase or if you own an older home and are doing improvements, Artistic Alloys & Design can design, fabricate, and install the staircase of your dreams.  From purely functional staircases to incredibly detailed ornate staircases we will fabricate exactly what you’re looking for and professionally install it in your home or business anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.  Call (480) 941-2611 to schedule your free staircase consultation.

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If you’ve been searching for staircases in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler we can help.