Types Of Metal Gates

Types of Metal Gates Scottsdale AZ

Slide Gates in Scottsdale – As you might guess, this name means that the gate slides either right or left from the driveway.  This gate requires some extra space at the point of the driveway as it needs at least the width of the gate on the side that it is going to roll toward.  This ensures that before the gate is fabricated that you’ll have enough space for the gate to open fully.  There are a few different kinds of tracks that you can choose from.  Such as V-Track gates or Pipe Track Slide Gates.  Speaking to your professional Fabricator can help you figure out which type of track fits your properties needs best.

Swing Gates in Paradise Valley – Just like the doors in your house they swing on a hinge, either in or out.  The biggest key here is making sure that you either set your gate back far enough from the street that it can swing outward towards the street, without blocking traffic.  Or you can choose to have the gate swing in toward your property.  Just be sure that you and your designer are aware of what restrictions your landscaping might give, or if you plan to use that section of the property for something later.

Barrier Gates in Phoenix – These gates actually set something physical in the path of motor vehicles.  Just imagine that arm that lifts up when you’re leaving a parking garage.  They are quite useful for parking lots or businesses.  They can be used for residences, however they are not as visually attractive as their wrought iron guardian gates, and they don’t offer the security a full gate system provides.

Vertical Pivot Gates – These gates are a great solution for those people who don’t have the room at their driveway for a slide or swing gate, either because there isn’t room for the slide gate to slide, or the swing gate to open into or out of the property.  The easiest way to understand this type of gate is to think of the barrier gate, but instead of a small piece of wood discouraging people from coming onto your property, there’s a 8 foot tall metal gate that pivots vertically and leaves the driveway totally unobstructed.

Vertical Lift Gates – These are by far the most secure and strongest option you could hope for; they are widely used commercially but are a bit rare in residential applications.  This is primarily because of their cost.  There’s no trying to push the gate sideways, or lift up on it.  This is because once it’s close, it’s closed.  If you’ve got a property you want to keep secure in Paradise Valley vertical lift gates are the best option.

Custom Gates in Scottsdale, AZ

If you’re ready to have the experts come and visit your home or business; give Artistic Alloys a call or use our contact page.  We can come to your location in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale or anywhere where you need work done in the Phoenix area.  Artistic Alloys can help custom design the perfect gate for you that’ll flatter your home, architecture, and your landscaping.