Custom Metal Yard Art Phoenix
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Custom Metal Yard Art

If you are searching for Custom Metal Yard Art in Arizona, Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC, can help! We fabricate custom metal yard art from nearly any type of metal including iron ore, stainless steel, copper zinc, tin, bronze, brass and more. We can create any type of design you can think of! If you would like to receive a free custom metal yard art estimate in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa or anywhere else in the valley, give Artistic Alloys & Design, LLC, a call today at (480) 490-2935.

What Is Yard Art?

In a broad sense yard art are man made items that add aesthetic value to your private or commercial space. It consists of both 2 and 3 dimensional shapes that are either painted or sculpted. They can be fairly eclectic or very formal depending on the space and the vision of the property owner.

Metal yard art is the use of bronze, steel, aluminum and other types of metal to create custom metal yard art that flatters your landscaping and creates a focal point. Adding art to your living or business spaces sets a mood that your space is not simply a space of utilitarianism, but a place where ideas and people are valued.

Types Of Metal Yard Art

Iron Ore Yard Art

Of all known metals, iron is the most plentiful of all metals and can be found in just about all elements; soil, rocks, and water. It is found to be a prized material from the ancient times and iron objects have been found in Nineveh, Egypt, Rome, Britain and even ancient China. This metal isn’t totally pure because it does have a little silicon, sulfur, carbon, and phosphorus, within the three fundamental varieties of commercial iron . . . wrought iron, cast iron, and steel.

Tin Yard Art

Tin is usually used for metal wall artwork, plaques, figurines, tin signs, decorative brooches, water containers, ornamental vases, candle holders, and tin yard art. Because of tin’s shiny surface it looks comparable to silver and is what likely leads to making art objects and figurines, regardless of its penchant to rust.

Copper Yard Art

Being a manipulable metal, copper is a favorite for artists and craftspeople to work with. And with such an elegant appearance, it’s been the go to for craftsman as well. From copper cups to kinetic sculptures, from copper mushrooms and poppies, the ideas are endless.

Bronze Yard Art

Bronze is tough and durable and can be cast easily in the most complex and delicate patterns or impressive and magnificent forms, all in a great assortment of colors, shapes, and designs. It is more generally used than copper and brass to create metal ornaments, sculptures and figurines.

Brass Yard Art

Brass is soft and workable and can be rolled into thin sheets after which designs can be etched, engraved, hammered out, and ‘spun’ into shapes and forms that can be easily produced. Brass is also used as base materials for embellished metal ornaments and jewelry.

How To Add Yard Art To Your Landscape

Adding yard art to your property is much like any custom process. There is conceptualizing the style you want for the piece, and choosing the location.


When you are considering adding art to your home’s landscape you are extending the living space of your home. The means you can consider the garden and yard as extensions of your house and act as if they are outdoor rooms. The theme you have in your yard should compliment however you home is decorated. This means if your home has an old world Victorian charm, you will want to choose yard art and sculptures that match that style. In contrast if you have a modern contemporary look you will want to have your theme seamless as you walk from one space to another.

Smart Location Selection

When we select or have art commissioned for our homes we choose prominent places to display them. We don’t tuck them in dark corners to be forgotten. The same is true for our outdoor rooms. A good example is if you have a long row of bushes leading out from one of your doors, you could do well in adding your custom metal yard art at the end of this row to create visual appeal.  Where you choose to put the art really depends on the size and shape of your yard and the landscape. Choosing highly visible locations for your art will help it blend into your landscaping and become the focal point for your outdoor space.

Smart Selection

There are a lot of different materials that art is made from, but nothing is more durable than metal. Stainless steel yard art is less common which is one of the reasons it can make a wonderful addition to your landscape. It creates stunning visual appeal and is extremely durable. Bronze is also another metal that does well with yard art. It is long lasting and has a wonderfully warm visual appeal. With time oxidation also adds a timeless visual appeal that is hard to replicate.

Quality Installation

While style and visual appeal is the purpose of adding yard art, safety is always priority #1. Children playing in our yards and around our sculptures and statues mean that we have to take steps to secure them. Sculptures are made to sit on level ground and depending on the location a concrete base might be needed. Custom metal yard art installation includes mounting of the piece to the concrete. The main reason of doing this is to prevent the piece from topping and falling. This keeps visitors or children safe and it helps keep the piece standing up straight.

Custom Metal Sculptures in Phoenix, AZ

Metal sculptures are starting to become more and more desirable with Phoenix area homeowners. Some of these art pieces are truly eye catching, from life-size lions made from sheets of metal to heavenly creations that seem born out of thin air. We have metal sculptures suitable for indoor and outdoor use, some of which are truly amazing in its individuality and character. Metal sculptures make a bold statement, and can be integrated into any  interior or exterior design.

Custom Metal Yard Art Phoenix

Custom Metal Yard Art Phoenix AZ

If you live in the Phoenix metro area and have a residential or commercial space that could benefit from custom metal yard art sculptures or statues the experts at Artistic Alloys have the creative process, fabrication skills, and installation methods that help flatter both indoor and outdoor spaces. All our pieces are custom and will add a one of a kind element to your living spaces. Contact us today to start your project. We can be reached at (480) 941-2611 Office or (480) 490-2935 Cell.

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