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When you are searching “Custom Metal Fabrication Tempe” Artistic Alloys offers the extreme quality welding and absolutely one-of-a-kind design capability that you are seeking for your business or home in Tempe, AZ. The deciding factor between truly custom and totally original ornamental metal work is the design. Our team specializes in creating totally unique metal gates, countertops, security doors, fireplaces, or any other item you want for your residential or commercial property. The focus is always on your style, your budget, and the vision you have for your custom metalwork project. Everything we build is built to last and be as durable as it is visually stunning. When we fabricate your metal doors, metal gates, metal mailboxes or even logos we will create an installment which is beautiful and long lasting. You can ask questions or schedule a visit from our expert design team by calling (480) 941-2611 to get a free quote.

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This is just a selection of the variety of metals and alloys that can be used to fabricate your new metal doors, gates, etc.


Metal Entry Doors

Entry doors on your business or home are the architectural welcome mats which welcome visitors. They are generally the first thing that your guests interact with and touch as part of your property. These entry doors help create your first impression and set the stage for the experience at your home or business.


Metal Range Hoods

Artistic Alloys offers metal range hood design, fabrication, and installation services. Installing a range hood ensures you will have better air quality in your home and less moisture in the air. We design custom wall mount range hoods and install locally. There are many styles and materials to choose from.


Metal Gates & Fences

The gates of your driveway or those at your fence line keep your property private. Fencing and metal gates help create a safer haven for your children to play outdoors without having to worry about them getting in the street.

Metal Fireplaces

Fireplaces are usually the centerpiece of living rooms and great rooms. Choosing to have ornamental details added or new unique metal fireplace surrounds build will give your fireplace unmistakable affluence. Call us today to get a custom fireplace quote.


Metal Countertops

Stainless steel countertops are attractive, sturdily constructed, hard wearing and attractive additions to both residential and commercial properties. Custom countertops are becoming an increasingly popular feature for home and business owners. Contact Artistic Alloys today to learn more or get an estimate.


Metal Signs

Having your company logo or address fabricated in high visibility metal alloys and installed on the exterior or interior of you building helps create brand recognition. It makes finding you easier and helps create a higher quality experience as there is no doubt who you are, and you are invested in your location and business.


When most people think metal fabrication they imagine a foundry or old world blacksmith. While certain elements of modern metalworking mirror some of these techniques the quality of the raw materials and ways that things are joined has advanced considerably. Today welding is the foundation for much of metal fabrication along with differing cutting, bending, and stamping techniques. All of these skills culminate into the ability to create completely unique metal elements for your home or business. We fabricate and install items for both interior and exterior use.


Artistic Alloys clients range from both residential to commercial customers in Tempe, AZ. We offer the longest lasting and most unique custom metal fabricated elements such as kitchen counter tops, range hoods, gates, doors, fireplaces and more.

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While metal fabrication might seem fairly straightforward exceptional quality is derived from skill, education, and unwavering attention to detail. The intricate custom design ability we offer is completed through bending, removing, or sometimes adding metal which creates the custom designs and embellishments that will set your property apart. Custom fabrication of ornamental metal elements is Artistic Alloy’s passion and we pour that passion into each and every job we get. Here are some of the methods we use to fabricated the most unique and custom metal items available.

METAL WELDING – Welding is one of today’s most common metal fabrication technique. Raw metals are chosen and arranged to fit the design and are welded together to create the finished product. The welds we create are of the highest quality in terms of appearance, strength, and durability.

METAL SHEARING – Shearing metal tends to be one of the first elements of fabrication. It is part of the raw metal selection process to find the right pieces of metal to create the items that need to be fabricated. Shearing many times involves hand tools or for thicker pieces of metal a large machine that slices through the metal.

METAL STAMPING – Stamping metal is the process of creating details or 3 dimensional shapes through using high pressure to push the metal into the desired shapes. This works for metal parts, pots, gears, and details for the custom metal elements that we are able in integrate into our fabrication process.

METAL BENDING – Many times there are sections of metal that need to be bent to create custom shapes. Thicker or larger sections of metal must be bent using large heavy duty machines which are operated by foot brake by our highly trained metal fabricators.

METAL CORRUGATION – Thinner sheets of metal are many times used to reduce weight. When flat sheets are used they generally don’t have the rigidity necessary to be permanent additions to structural elements. Corrugation is the addition of waves or curves in the metal that helps increase the strength of the metal.

METAL MILLING – Some projects require the thinning of metal sheets to create the design desired by our customers. This process is called metal milling and it thins down the thickness of metal. This process reduces weight and allows greater flexibility and bending of the metal to create the custom elements that make our work unique and one of a kind.

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As one of the leaders in the custom metal fabricating industry, our experience paired your design ideas will ensure a finished product better than you had hoped for. We only use the highest quality metals in our projects, such as iron, steel, aluminum, brass, copper and zinc. Start your metal fabrication project by simply giving us a call today at 480-941-2611.

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