Metal Fabrication Scottsdale

When you are searching for custom “Metal Fabrication Scottsdale” Artistic Alloys & Design has you covered for any project which is made from metal. At Artistic Alloys & Design we pride ourselves on creativity and customization. As the premier custom metal fabrication shop in Scottsdale we collaborate with home and business owners to make one of a kind, durable, and beautiful metal installations. Building everything from your security doors, to gates and even custom mailboxes we can help set your property apart from the rest.

What is Custom Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication engenders a mental image of a foundry for a lot of people. It also is synonymous with welding metal. While welding is certainly the basis for metal fabrication, it is not the only skill and facet of the art. In addition to welding metal together to create artistically fabricated objects there is bending, and cutting of metal. This creates the individual parts that are then welded together to create the structure or art object.  Custom metal fabrication is specifically when a client specifies a part or project that is designed for their particular needs, tastes, and location.

The Process Of Custom Metal Fabrication

As much as the actual process of metal fabrication is fairly straightforward it isn’t an easy job. Working metal means you are bending metal, taking away metal, or adding metal. There are different fabrication techniques that are employed in the custom metal fabrication process. Here are the main fabrication processes that come together to make custom metal additions to our homes and businesses.

Metal Bending – Much like you’d guess, this is the bending of metal. Large machines are operated via a press brake. An angle is set before the process starts and a V shaped groove comes in and bends the metal.

Metal Shearing – When a sheet of metal is cut it is called sheering. If a sheet of metal is big enough to make more than one part the appropriate sections are sheared apart.

Metal Corrugation – We’ve all seen cardboard boxes where there is what’s called corrugation inside the material. Corrugation is the waves in the material which is designed to provide increase structural rigidity. Metal can also be corrugated to increase the strength of individual surfaces or parts.

Metal Seaming – Seaming is when two pieces of metal are joined together, or when a single piece of metal has a closed feature on the edge. The top of canned goods are an example of seaming. The wall edge of the can is folded together with the lid to create as seam and an air tight seal. This can be a way to make different projects water tight to be waterproof or water resistant.

Metal Milling – Milling is simply reducing the thickness of a sheet of metal. This is done many times to increase the flexibility of the sheet of metal to be bent into a shape. It can also be done to decrease the weight of a sheet of metal.

Metal Stamping – When three dimensional parts or objects are needed metal can be stamped. Stamping shapes and stretches the metal into the desired shape. Things like pots, gears, and other metal parts which need to be made out of one piece of metal are usually stamped.

Who Is Custom Metal Fabrication For?

Just about anywhere metal is used can use metal fabrication. Automotive and motorcycle enthusiasts occasionally need to have custom parts made to repair their vehicles. At Artistic Alloys we generally use our metal fabrication skills to build custom installations for residential and commercials businesses. Through bending, milling, welding and using every trick in the deck we create unparalleled custom products for our Arizona clients. Here are some of the services we offer;

Custom Welding Services – We customize your location with our decades of welding expertise. The quality thereof is second to none and will last a lifetime.

Iron Entry Doors – Custom metal fabricated iron entry doors set your property apart and increase security. They can be customized to include logos, monograms, or any customization you can imagine.

Wrought Iron Gates – The gates to your property is possibly the only thing passersby’s will see, but it is the first thing people see when they visit your home. Wrought iron gates make an immutable statement about a properties security. They do so in a beautiful way, that increases curb appeal and property value.

Custom Metal Fireplaces – The focal point of just about any living room, and many master bedrooms is the fireplace. Not only will a custom fabricated metal fireplace last a lifetime, but it will create a unique look for your home.

Building Custom Creations For Over 20 Years!