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Popular Types Metal Stair Railing

Phoenix Metal Stair Railing

There are quite a few great types of metal railings.  The stair hand railing you choose for your property is for safety, but can do so much more.  When you choose the custom designed and fabricated quality we provide, you can make a one of a kind statement with your outdoor and indoor stair railings.

We build stair railings for a wide variety of materials including handrails for concrete steps.  One of our most popular types is our wrought iron stair railing. They are flexible in styling to fit into both old world Victorian homes and modern living spaces all the same.

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Choosing a metal stair railing for your Phoenix or Scottsdale home is a tough decision. You’ve got to consider a few different factors. As they say, safety first. Making sure you have a stair railing which provides durable and dependable safety for your home or business is critical. Maintenance is also a consideration when choosing a metal stair railing. Lastly having an aesthetic appeal which compliments your home’s interior design and your personal style will set your home’s interior off.

Wood Vs. Metal Stair Railings

While wood stair railings have been the norm for many years they fall short when compared to metal. Wood stair railings don’t offer the long term durability that metal stair railings give people. A metal stair railing also offers greater strength. It’s important to have a strong railing system in your home. A child or elderly person can take a bad step on your stairs and need that strength and dependability to save them when they reach out for support.

As you consider your metal stair railing options try to balance your appearance against the actual function of the railing to make sure you have something as safe as it is beautiful in your Phoenix home.

Metal Stair Railing Types

With a variety of different types of metals you can really customize the look of your home. These metals can help set apart the interior, or even exterior of your home with an attractive metal stair railing. Each of the different metal types have a different look. Some even have natural anti-microbial properties that will help keep your family and guests healthy. Read through to see which style, finish, and type fits you and your home or commercial needs best.

Stainless Steel Stair Railing Scottsdale AZStainless Steel Stair Railing

For a wonderfully modern look stainless steel is a great metal stair railing option. Stainless steel stair railings offer a clean, polished look. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use because it is corrosion and rust free. This is because it’s made of steel and chromium. Being comprised of a combination of pipes, tubes and cables stainless steel stair railings can be one of a kind and custom to your home or business. Installation of stainless steel stair railings inside a home with stainless steel appliances can really compliment the interior of a home and tie together the interior design. You’ve got the choice of finish for your stainless steel stair railing. You can choose to have a highly polished mirror finish, or you can choose a muted satin if you don’t want something so highly reflective.

Aluminium Stair Railing Scottsdale AZAluminum Stair Railing

If you need an affordable metal stair railing option for your Phoenix home, aluminum might be a good choice. It’s less costly than your stainless steel or wrought iron stair railing options. Aluminum being naturally resistant to corrosion or rust it’s a great option for both outdoor and indoor applications. Aluminum stair railings also have a very good strength to weight ratio, so they are good for strong but light installations. You can get an aluminum stair railing with a polished, muted satin or even painted finish. As with most polished metal surfaces you will have a bit more maintenance to keep it looking good. A muted satin finish on your metal stair railing will help hide fingerprints. Painted aluminum stair railings are a great option if you have a color scheme already going with your interior design.

Brass Stair Railing Scottsdale AZBrass Stair Railing

Brass is an alloy that is comprised of zinc and copper. This combination can be controlled and provides a wonderful color array. It can come from a gold or yellow color all the way to a brown or red color of metal. Brass has been used for years to appoint some of the nicest buildings we have in Scottsdale. It has an elegant, timeless, and classic look that will deliver a stunning addition to your home. Brass stair railings do require a little care to help keep the tarnish off, but does have a natural anti-microbial property which helps keep everyone healthy.

Copper Stair Railing Scottsdale AZCopper Stair Railing

With a wonderfully rich and warm appearance, copper stair railings can be used to really set your home apart. They can be used either indoors or outdoors. As one of the mostly costly metal stair railing options for home or business owners it is a choice for the affluent property owner. Copper stair railings start off with a golden-brown, reddish hue. Over time and exposure they develop a green patina which helps protect the copper from corrosion. As with the brass stair railing option the copper stair railing option helps keep everyone healthier with its natural anti-microbial properties.

Custom Wrought Iron Stair Railing Scottsdale AZWrought Iron Stair Railing

Builders, craftsmen, home owners, and commercial property owners have chosen wrought iron stair railings for well over a century. Wrought iron has a beautiful finish and can be made into intricate decorative designs. It’s a strong material which offers superior durability and strength.  This means it will last for many years and be strong enough to be a safe support option. Generally wrought iron stair railings are finished off with a with a black finish, but there are options for a gold or shimmery silver hue as well. You can have something minimalist or something with custom scroll work to make your metal stair railing one of a kind. While it is possible to install wrought iron both indoors and outdoors rust can be an issue that needs some attention.

Phoenix Valley Metal Stair Railings

From Scottsdale to Mesa and Phoenix to Chandler and everywhere in between we provide the highest quality stair railings in Arizona. We custom design each and every stair railing, fabricate them, and install them ourselves.  That means from our first meeting until the final polish is done after installation you’ll be working with our dedicated team of metal fabricators.  To learn more about the stairways and stair railings we install in the Phoenix Valley get in touch with us via telephone or our contact form. 

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