Range Hood Installation Cost
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How Much Does Range Hood Installation Cost?

How Much Does Range Hood Installation Cost? Range hood installation costs about $750 with average prices of installation ranging from $400 to $1,500 in the US for 2020, according to Fixr.

Range hood installation time is about 2 hours with an average time of installation ranging from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours, according to Prolinerangehoods.

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A kitchen range hood, also known as an exhaust hood, is designed to keep the air in your kitchen clean. They pull grease, smoke, and other particles produced when you cook outside of the range area. The hood is installed directly above your range and are 3 inches past the range on either side. There are a lot of different styles of range hood are available, from commercial grade to the unobtrusive, to custom made. The average homeowner usually spends around $750 for installing new ductless, under-cabinet hoods or replacing a vented hood.

Types Of Range Hoods

Range hoods come in many different styles. They vary in their installation, locations, and how they direct exhaust. The type of hood you decide on impacts the final cost and installation type:

  • Under Cabinet

Installed in the underside of the upper cabinets above the range – $200 – $500

  • Wall Mount

Installed directly to the wall right above the range – $200 – $500

  • Island Hood

Comes down from the ceiling – Installed above an island range – $300 – $900

  • Cabinet Insert

Out of sight – Installed into the cabinetry – Usually has a custom appearance – $400 – $1,000

  • Down Draft

An insert in the range that goes upward to pull out exhaust – Out of sight when not in use – $1,000 +

Exhaust Types

The appearance and location of the hood are just a couple things to think about when buying a range hood. The way the exhaust is directed and how it is moved also plays a role in the type of hood you purchase and the cost of its installation.

  • Ductless

Uses a charcoal filter that requires changing – Recycles air back to the kitchen – Doesn’t need ducts – Easy installation – $100 – $300

  • Vented/ducted

Uses ducts to force the exhaust out of your home – Can go straight out through a wall or vent upwards through the attic – Keeps the air in the kitchen clean -$100 – $1,000

  • Convertible

Can be installed with or without ducts – Allows for both installation types – $200 – $1,000

CFM Rating

Each range hood will have a CFM rating, which pertains to the number of cubic feet of air it moves each minute. The rating is sized to your kitchen, meaning larger kitchens will require a higher CFM than smaller ones.

Range Hood Materials

A lot of hoods are made of metal, like copper and bronze. Stainless steel is more common, however. Many people decide to hide or decorate their range hood with a wooden hood cover or tiling the cover over the hood itself.

Range Hood Installation

Installation of the hood depends on a couple of factors like the hood type, its location, and exhaust style. The type affects installation regarding where it is mounted, while the location influences what areas may be affected when using a vented hood. Because of these factors, installation time can range from 1 to 4 hours.

Labor Costs

Labor costs for the hood installation will vary depending on its type of exhaust system, if you have existing ducts, and if existing outlet/electrical wiring already exists. Replacing a range hood can cost up to $300, while a new range hood will cost up to $500, depending on if there is already ducts in place.

Range Hood Maintenance

Most hoods are easy maintain. If you have a ducted hood, you may want to have it professionally cleaned ensure there is no grease and particles build-up. This service cost around $150.

Range Hood Enhancement And Improvement


A lot of hoods today include an option of built-in lighting, brightening up your range. This is a popular feature that doesn’t impact the cost of most hoods, as it is now the standard.

Additional Considerations

  • If you don’t have existing ducts in your kitchen, you will have to pay additional fees for installation.
  • Exhaust fans can be noisy, but some ranges come with sound absorption.
  • Relocating your range hood can be costly.
  • When cleaning your range use a cleaner recommended by the manufacturer.

*These are based on average costs. In some cases, custom work may fall outside these prices. Labor will vary.

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