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How Much Does A Stainless Steel Countertop Cost 2021

Let’s say that you’ve made the decision to choose a stainless-steel countertop as a new addition to your kitchen. The primary concern for many usually is how much does a new countertop of this nature cost?

On the off chance, you are ready to handle this project by yourself. You will probably be surprised at the rate in which these countertops go for. Let us help you understand some of the perimeters that can help you understand the price of your new stainless-steel countertop.


Material and Process of Installation

New countertops can range anywhere between $100 to around $200 per square foot. Average kitchens with general countertops around 30 square feet. Roughly this square footage can cost anywhere between $3,000 upwards to roughly $6,000 or more. This average does include the rate of installation as well. Although in different scenarios if you’re in a bigger city you can find a fantastic company that can secure the job for around $125 to around $150 per square foot.


What Else Is Involved In Your Base Rate

This will not be limited and should include holes cuts in the countertop for your sink, materials used during the process, the installation itself, shaping the edges, and grinding down solder joints to ensure the safety and professionalism. Included in this rate should have the rate at which the hardwood is used to support the stainless steel as well. Be wary with estimates that are given as sometimes what has been told may sometimes be lower than what it really will cost to complete the job as it does not include the rate of the installation as well.


Things Not Included in Most Quotes

Some of the following items you will have to expend a bit more cash for as these are not included in the estimate.

  • Integration of New Sinks
  • Finishes on Stainless steel such as a brush or emboss
  • Types of different Edging
  • Backsplash


Prices Fluctuate Depending On..

Some of the amounts that you will need to expend for your stainless-steel countertop can vary far and wide. One primary factor being your location, or where you are in your current country. For example sake if you are living in California for this specific type of counter versus living in Arizona the prices will be dramatically different. Reason of course being the difference in cost of living for both areas are dramatically different.

In some instances, though, rare, although it does happen. You may have to pay a premium for the service, as if there is low competition in the area and keep the company alive. Them only offering the service in the town you are going to have to be stuck with their rates when it comes to the installation of a new stainless-steel countertop in your kitchen. General rule of thumb is to keep it between the $100 – $200 point. Which is a great guideline to ensure that you pay the correct rate for this service.

How Much Will It Cost to Do-It-Yourself?

There are a few factors involved in this buy you can save a ton of time and shave some cash off the top. Starters you want to get your working location fabricated at some nearby shop that can help you add the stainless steel to your countertop. Or if you have a friend that understands how to do this, they can help you out. In reality, the price of this service can easily be lowered to around $400 – $1000 in the case that you have the time to work through this project yourself.

If you are really considering following through with the installation of your very own brand-new kitchen countertop its ideal to take time and do research beforehand. Metals, unlike other materials such as granite or even quartz – you have the chance to dramatically reduce expenditures just by performing the task yourself. Easily saving you even more than estimated previously on the entire job around $1,000 upwards to $2000 on higher-end installations.


Yes, It Is Labor Intensive.

There are videos online that you can watch to interpret how much the installation of one of these new countertops truly costs. You may even have a deeper appreciation on how much really goes into the processes of these turning out. Hopefully, it puts into perspective why the price is the way that it is.


Obtaining a Great Rate

Simply getting an amazing price is easy if you follow this simple concept. By any means Do NOT, only speak to one company and get a single quote. Generally, it’s advised to connect with over 3 or so local companies. Surprisingly enough you may see how different the rates are from each competitor.

Speaking with friends can be another great alternative to work with someone reputable that they have worked with. That usually is extremely easy, other resources such as yellow pages do not necessarily seem to accomplish the task at hand any longer. Some general contractors though are quite picking on the work that they perform so be wary about this as well. As mentioned before with this in mind it will not hurt on bit to speak with other competitors about different rates to have backup plans.

In some instances, it is common that the general contractor’s setup appointments and never show up. This is a sign that they will not be performing the work at hand, or even want to onboard you as a client of theirs. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the work at hand sometimes and can be very rough for many involved.

In any instance, it’s always recommended communicating with a friend about a local company they may have used before as these people are always reputable. Or you may contact us as we can definitely help you with what you’re looking for if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us!

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