Types of Entry Doors
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Different Types Of Entry Doors


Types of Entry Doors

If you are searching for “Different Types Of Entry Doors” you may be a new homeowner or are looking to update your current entry doors. Getting the entry door you want is easy with Artistic Alloys & Design.  We can design and fabricate any entry door from the most basic and utilitarian to the most elaborate and ornamental design imaginable. Contact Artistic Alloys & Design today to discuss your custom entry door at (480) 941-2611.

Exterior doors will set the look of your home. They are the first thing that is noticed about your home. The various types of exterior doors will contribute to the curb appeal of your home and energy efficiency in a lot of different ways.

It is vital that you have a well-functioning exterior door because it something that you use every day. Whether it is a storm door, entry door or patio door, there are a lot of types to pick from within those categories.

When you live in the Midwest, you will need an exterior door that looks great and provides energy efficiency to help keep your home comfortable year-round.

We have come up with a guide to the various types of exterior doors and which ones are best for your midwestern home.

Different Types of Entry Doors

Your front door or entry door is important in the curb appeal of your home, as well as for energy efficiency and security. Entry doors come in 3 different materials: steel, wood and fiberglass.

Not to mention that later on you can customize your entry door with decorative glass and hardware, but we will discuss that later.

Right now, we will tell you about which entry door is best for your Midwestern home.

Wood Entry Doors

Wood is a want of any homeowner. The look of wood entryway is unparalleled contrasted with alternate sorts of outside entryways. Wood entryways are additionally extremely tough and offer incredible security for your home.

Be that as it may, wood entryways accompany a cost. A heavy cost. They’re effectively the costliest sort of entryway. The expenses don’t stop at the underlying buy either. Your wood section entryway will require routine upkeep to keep it looking awesome.

Painting and recoloring your wood entryway each couple of years or so will just keep up its look. Your wood entryway will in any case be to a great degree vulnerable to expanding, warping and rotting because of the dampness and climate extremes it will face in the Midwest.

We would advise against introducing a wood entryway on your Midwestern home.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass entryways are becoming progressively well known as they’re both exceptionally strong and energy efficient. Not at all like wood, fiberglass entryways won’t expand, warp or rot.

Fiberglass passage entryways are accessible in a plenty of finishes the process of including wood grain finishes. You can get the magnificence of a wood entryway without the bother of maintenance.

Your fiberglass entryway will have foam center insulation to shield warmed or cooled air from getting away from your home contingent upon the season. Also, they’re impervious to any gouges or scratches that may emerge from the climate or the high volume of activity that your entrance entryway encounters.

A fiberglass passage entryway will suit your Midwestern home exceptionally well.

Steel Entry Doors

If you are needing maximum security, energy efficiency and strength, then a steel entryway is perfect. A steel door will have the benefits of fiberglass, except steel will do a much better job.

Thick gauge steel doors will provide maximum protection and security. Whether it is extreme weather or an intruder that comes knocking on your front door, the steel door will stand its ground for many years.

Strength leads to energy efficiency. Just like fiberglass, steel entryways will have a foam core insulation that will keep your home comfortable at any time. Steel doors are also available in various colors which do include wood grain finishes.

If you are looking for maximum energy efficiency and protection, then a steel entry door is the best option for you.

Customize Your Entry Door

Along with the type of material of your entry door, you will be able to customize it with various decorative glass and hardware options which will create the look of your dreams.

Between the kick plates, glass, locks, handles and more, your entry door can be crafted to how you want it to look.

Types of Exterior Doors: Patio Doors

Patio doors are a really great addition to your home and will offer easy access to your patio or deck with great views. The 2 types of patio doors are French patio doors and sliding patio doors.

Sliding Patio Doors

The most well-known porch entryway style is the sliding yard entryway. This style works much like a monster sliding window and offers greatest light and ventilation for your home.

Sliding porch entryways are accessible in various materials including aluminum, wood and vinyl. The entryways work on an arrangement of tracks with rollers that consider simple opening and shutting.

Since sliding porch entryways are principally only a vast rectangle of glass, it’s critical to augment the security of them. This should be possible various ways including putting security bars at the base or fortifying the glass.

Between the distinctive materials of sliding porch entryways, vinyl is the best choice for your Midwestern home. It’s to a great degree vitality proficient and solid to help keep your home agreeable regardless of the climate.

French Patio Doors

French patio doors offer your home a richer look. You can have your French patio doors open inwards or outwards and from the left or right. Likewise, you have the alternative of picking if all entryways are operable or if just a single door that opens and closes.

French patio doors are accessible in all indistinguishable materials from sliding patio doors. You can likewise have steel or fiberglass patio doors that offer all indistinguishable advantages from the section doors.

These are incredible in case you’re awkward with having completely open sliding patio door and need the most security and protection for your home.

Customize Your Patio Doors

Much like regular entry doors, you can alter your patio doors with various equipment, for example, bolts and handles. You can likewise have diverse lattice styles and implicit blinds introduced to expand security.

On the off chance that you have French patio doors introduced, you’ll have all an indistinguishable customization choice from fiberglass and section doors do.

All About Storm Doors

A standout amongst the most neglected sorts of outside entryways are storm doors. A great many people see these sorts of outside doors as wobbly and trust they fill no genuine need.

Storm doors are superb increases to your home, particularly for mortgage holders in the Midwest.

They include another layer of assurance and vitality productivity to your current outside entryway. With the headways made in the home improvement industry, storm doors are no longer a thin bit of metal that turns into a disturbance to open.

Storm Door Materials

Storm doors come in aluminum, steel or vinyl/composite frames. Picking the material for your storm door will depend on factors like where you live and what type of performance you are looking to get from the door.

Steel storm doors won’t crack, rot or warp and are very strong. However, they are often the most expensive and heaviest option.

Aluminum storm doors are a great alternative to steel doors. They are lighter and offer plenty of strength and durability. They are perfect for the Midwest because they can handle the extreme cold and heat.

Composite storm doors are great for energy efficiency. While, they offer solid protection from the elements, they aren’t great for extreme cold or hot climates. They are found mostly on coastal homes.

Storm Door Styles

Storm doors come in various styles and with a variety of screen options. They have styles that provide half view or full view. You are able to pick to have full view glass, screen or both which can be interchangeable.

The half view storm doors will have screen or glass on the top half of the door. From there you can customize the storm door with different hardware options like mail slots, pet doors and handles.

The Best Types of Exterior Doors for the Midwest

The various types of exterior doors are a large group of products. Patio, entry, and storm doors will have many variations and styles within their categories.

Knowing that is best for your Midwestern home is why we are here. Whether you need energy efficiency vinyl sliding patio doors, new steel entry door or a rugged and tough aluminum storm door, you can count on us for your exterior door needs.

Custom Entry Doors In Phoenix, Arizona

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