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Artistic Alloys in Phoenix, Arizona is a metal fabrication shop that creates unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are functional, efficient and beautiful. Creativity is something that gets overlooked or under appreciated in certain industries and Artistic Alloys believes that creativity is actually the ingredient that separates them from the pack that they are in constant competition with. There are numerous shops that can build you the gate, entry door, custom fire place, kitchen component, hand railing or any other product of metal fabrication that you may be in the market for, but none can achieve the mix of quality and creative flair that we achieve daily at Artistic Alloys.  We are truly artists at heart who have an equal love for working with metal. That combination of passions makes for an elevated level of attention and care going into each piece that we create.

Not only are there plenty of options to choose from as far as metal fabrication shops go, there are many shops that produce quality work for competitive pricing. So when quality and pricing are equal, what can set one option apart from the other? This is where Artistic Alloys gains its edge. Not only does Artistic Alloys produce top of the line metal work for competitive and fair prices, they add an artistic touch that you will be hard pressed to duplicate anywhere else. Yes, you can go to a number of shops to have that iron entry gate that you’ve been wanting fabricated, but there is only ONE place that you can get and Artistic Alloys iron entry gate. We will help you truly set your home apart from the rest of your neighbor hood with our signature additions and accents. Whether you are looking for a functional element such as a door, gate, or handrail or a piece of metallic art to add to the visual dynamic and appeal of your property, Artistic Alloys results cannot be matched. We can create custom pieces according to specifications set by you and we can also collaborate with you to create original pieces that fit into the functionality and aesthetic of your home exactly as you’d like them to.

If you want a signature statement to be made with various components of your home, Scott Lazar and his team at Artistic Alloys can help you make that statement with authoritative grace. The valley is full of metal fabrication shops with all types of specialties and capabilities. Some will produce very high quality, while others provide you with results that are questionable at the very best.  Shopping around is necessary and smart as is saving money, which should be the result of doing your due diligence. Why not do both of those things while also enjoying the beautiful benefits of an elegant, sturdy piece from Artistic Alloys?? You really can have it all in regard to your metal fabrication needs. Be the envy of your neighborhood with a home outfitted by the masterful hands of Scott Lazar and his talented associates. Trust and believe that you will be in great hands with the Metal Fabrication team at Artistic Alloys.

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