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Choosing the right Metal Fabrication Shop 2016

Choosing fabrication shops that suit your needs is an extremely important decision that could affect your production quality, manufacturing rate and cost effectiveness of any given project. To help you select the right fab shop, you should consider the following:

  1. Fabrication Experience: Custom metal fabricators that have a lot of experience and reviews online are easy to spot. The Google My Business listings hosts all the reviews from all across the web in one convenient place, their Google My Business page. Just do a Google search for the company in question and view their business listing on Google to find the reviews.
  2. Types of Industries Served: You want to make sure and pick a shop that services the type of fabrication you need. If all they build are wine vaults and you need a custom artistic piece built, they might not be the company for you. Find a fabrication company that specialized in the type of fabrication you need.
  3. Resources & Technology Used: It’s important to know the kind technology and equipment owned and operated by the company. If their equipment is out of date or no longer being used in the industry, its quite possible the company is out of date as well.
  4. Types of Production: Depending on the amount of fabrication your might need: long term, short term, lots of production or single pieces etc… You want to pick a shop that can service the amount of production you need.
  5. Types of Material They Use: You want to make sure the shop you choose has the materials you need on hand. If they have to order the materials from another vendor, it might take longer to complete your project. Find a shop that specializes in the type of custom metal fabrication you need.
  6. Dedication to Customer Service: You can easily find out what kinds of experiences past customers of any company have had with the endless information available on the internet. Finding a company that prioritizes excellent customer service practices is a sign of a company that is thoroughly run and pays great attention to detail. Great customer service is only possible when the customer is paid great attention to the point that their needs and wants are not only heard, but met to their expectations.
  7. How is the Company Rated Against Their Competition: This goes along with the previous item listed. Finding out the overall reputation of a company is extremely important if you expect to get the results you desire at a fair price. Comparing companies not only arms you with the knowledge needed to get what you want for yourself, it also gives you a powerful negotiating tool because you will be in the know about the company your are negotiating with as well as their competitors. Knowing the strengths of any companies competitors shifts some negotiating power in your favor and the more of that you can get the better the result will be for you overall.
  8. Location, Location, Location: Finding a shop that is convenient for you to get to will help you save time and money. Not having to travel across town to your chosen metal fabrication shop can take a lot of time and gas which definitely adds up over time. Another area that staying local is the fact that you will save money on any products you may be having delivered to you. The shorter the trip, the cheaper the delivery will be.

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