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CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control, known as CNC machining, is a system that manages tool movement and function with a software program in order to achieve results that display extreme accuracy. The precision involved in CNC can truly take a company’s fabrication process to the next level. Customers will see better quality in the products they receive and the premium quality will lead to more business and greater revenue. It truly is amazingly beneficial for any machine shop to incorporate and utilize.

The handling of the software needs to be left to very capable hands as intimate knowledge of both the metal fabrication process and the necessary software are both required in full to be able to maximize the benefits you receive from your Computer Numerical Control machining system. This requires training on top of investing in a quality CNC system for your fabrication shop, which may seem daunting initially, but the system is intuitive for those with established machining knowledge heading into the learning and training process. There are going to be costs up front on the business side and customers who receive CNC products may carry a higher price, but customers will be satisfied with the improved quality of the finished products and you may attract new clients with specialty needs that can only be met by a CNC machining system.

CNC can work with any metal type and several machines can be run in unison to quickly and accurately create larger products without slowing down production time. This means that production runs of large amounts of product can be completed as quickly as possible while minimizing any interference or slowing down of other projects your shop may have in the queue. The accuracy that CNC is capable of will significantly reduce the amount of products that need to be redone or ammended after the initial machining process, which will save time and money as well.

Artistic Alloys in Phoenix, AZ employs the use of CNC technology and they are responsible for some of the most creative metal works in the Valley of the Sun. We truly strive to put our stamp of quality on every piece that leaves our shop. We truly believe in blending creativity with precsision and accuracy in order to create our pieces that showcase our one of a kind flair.  If you are looking for top quality and craftsmanship with a unique and creative touch, look no further than the creative and experienced minds at Artistic Alloys.

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