Does Wrought Iron Rust?
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Does Wrought Iron Rust?

A lot of customers when choosing a material for gates, stairs, and doors ask, “Does wrought iron rust?”  Wrought iron, when cared for property lasts a lifetime.  It is shaped under high heat, is rich in carbon, and is very strong.  It is stronger than cast iron as it is stretched and shaped into its final shape in contrast to being poured into molds like cast iron. This means that should it be exposed to extreme forces it will not break but instead bend.

Wrought Iron is much easier to recondition and repair than cast iron.  So if there is an out of the ordinary impact it can be saved.  Cast iron would likely just need to be replaced.  Rust is the only enemy of wrought iron due to the amount of carbon in the metal.  It does resist rust better than cast iron but lasts longer with the right care and coating.

Wrought Iron Rust Prevention

Quality fencing, gates, doors, railings, and other ornamental iron features of your property should be weatherproofed when installed.  All ornamental wrought iron installations Artistic Alloys & Design provides are coated with durable weatherproof coatings for durability.  So you won’t need to worry about caring for new wrought iron features for a good while.

Cleaning Wrought Iron

If there’s been a lot of wind or dirt has got on your wrought iron rinse it off.  Dirt, dust, or sand left on the wrought iron will grind away at the coating and lead to rust sooner.  Periodically spraying them clean, especially after big storms, will keep the coating intact much longer.

Rust Spot Checking

As your wrought iron ages, it’s a good measure to periodically check for signs of rust.  Solid black coating is a simple way to check to see if you’ve got any rust starting to form.

Wrought Iron Rust Treatment

If you do noticed spots of rust beginning to form you can remove the rust and treat the metal.  First completely remove all signs of rust from the spot or spots.  Then you can re-apply a rust prevention coating.  To prevent further rust some owners coat their wrought iron with linseed oil.

  1. Remove Rust – Use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove the loose paint and all of the rust.
  2. Remove Dust – Completely remove all the dust and debris from the work area.
  3. Clean The Area – Using mineral spirts and a clean cloth clean the area you’re repairing.
  4. Apply Primer – Apply a primer that’s specifically designed to prevent rust.
  5. Apply Paint – Put on a good two coats of paint to the area or whole installation.

By following these steps you can repair wrought iron that’s began to rust and return it to like new condition.  While prevention is easier there’s no reason you can’t recondition wrought iron that’s been neglected by previous owners of your property.

Custom Ornamental Wrought Iron

If you have a property that needs new wrought iron gates, entry doors, stairways, railings, range hoods, or other functional and ornamental metal installations, we can help!  Artistic Alloys & Design is the Phoenix Valley’s most trusted source for completely custom one of a kind metal installations.  We proudly collaborate with our clients to fulfill their vision for entry doors, driveway gates, range hoods, or any other type of ornamental or architectural metal feature for commercial and residential properties.

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