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Commercial Kitchen Fabrication

Commercial Kitchen Fabrication Phoenix
Benefits of the Full Metal Kitchen

You’ve got orders to take, meals to make, and don’t need to spend all your time cleaning the grout on a tile surface or worrying about damage to formica or wood kitchen fixtures in your commercial kitchen.  Commercial kitchen fabrication in metal is the most durable, easiest to clean and one of the most visually attractive options available.

Custom Commercial Range Hood PhoenixVentilation Hoods – Vent hoods help with air quality for you and your family.  While preparing and cooking food different meals can release hazardous pollutants and harmful odors, ventilation hoods are the sure fire way to take these fumes and vent them straight outside. They offer a great place to have custom lighting that will help you cook better and have more light in your kitchen in general.

Backsplashes – This is a way to make clean up after making a big meal incredibly easy.  With the application of a bit of water, soap, and a sponge a big mess can be spic and span in no time.  Even Stainless Steel backsplashes are relatively inexpensive to construct.  A bit like a mirror having that reflective surface actually makes the space feel larger.  Also if you’re alternative is tile, you won’t have to worry about cleaning or replacing grout with stainless steel.

Custom Commercial Countertop PhoenixCountertops – Again, a natural element of metal is being durable.  It’s the toughest and will weather the dents, dings, and scratches better than its counterparts.  These counter tops can be made to order in a brushed finish which will help cut down on extraneous cleaning of fingerprints and will help to hide scratches, should end up making a couple.  Being able to multitask is critical for many people’s lives and a metal countertop can help you handle the heat, as setting down a hot pain on metal isn’t going to damage it.  It will also stay looking new and it doesn’t have a tendency to develop patina.   That being said, it’s also a way to set your kitchen apart with a wonderfully tailored individual look.

Islands – As the center point to most kitchens having a stainless steel or other metal island can be the crown jewel in your kitchen.  It can be made to feature very modern materials such as stainless steel, or it can be made to look a bit more rustic with other metal options like copper.  With all the water, dough,  and other things that end up resting on, or getting spilled on your islands it’s clear that metal has the upper hand when it comes to cracks and fading like many other materials.

Custom Commercial Kitchen Fabrication Phoenix

Metal Shelving & Cabinets – Constructed from your choice of metal these shelving systems can be customized for your kitchens demanding needs.   Like all the other kitchen surfaces this is be an easy to clean, easy to maintain and extremely durable.  It can also be a beautiful aesthetic addition to any space.

Ornamental work – You spend a lot of your hard earned dollars appointing your home both inside and out to make it one of a kind, and yours.  Work can be done to just be aesthetically pleasing, or can do dual duty and be functional as a place to hang pots and pans.

When you’re ready to take your commercial kitchen to the next level with custom commercial kitchen fabrication give the experts at Artistic Alloys a call at (480) 941-2611

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