Buying New Iron Balusters
Written by craig braddick

Buying New Iron Balusters

New iron balusters can bring a fresh look to any house! Read on to learn more!

Calculate Spacing

Your stairs must meet code to be safe, so learn about the “baluster rule of three.” When mounting on to treads, allow for three balusters per ttread and when you are mounting on a knee wall, you will require three iron balusters per linear foot to meet the majority of building codes. Not every style has the same width but if you follow “the rule of three” and ensure there is a gap of four inches (in the shape of a sphere) that cannot fit through any portion of the railing, it will mean it is safe for children and will be supported to an adequate degree.

Lay Out

Most baluster railings combine two or sometimes more styles. They are often grouped in series style, such as double twist or single twist and then once every two or three balusters add an additional single basket iron balluster. Another option can also be wrought iron newels that are larger posts constructed from irons that give support to the stairway handrail. Although they are not always easy to visualize, designing your own can give a great piece of individuality to any home.


It is paramount to ensure the existing parts of your stairs will work with iron balusters. Firstly ,check to see if you have a suitable mounting location and then ensure they match and will fit in with the handrail on your stairs.


Although small, the foot covers for iron balysters are needed to ensure a finished and professional appearance. They also cover up any mess left from chipped wood or dried up epoxy. Covers are also used at the top where the baluster connects with the handrail. These are angled and the ones on the feet are flat ended.

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