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Custom Commercial Doors

Artistic Alloys & Design & Design’s custom commercial doors are an essential part of our entry doors.  Our custom commercial doors will set your business apart from the others while letting you develop the perfect image and brand you work so hard to represent. A steel, wrought iron or solid wood door creates a welcoming and warm entry for your customers.

Custom commercial doors by Artistic Alloys & Design can be anywhere from a straightforward single door, that includes custom leaded glass, or a bold statement door that absolutely sets your business apart.

Custom Commercial Doors

Many businesses have several entries and each entry can have a custom commercial door.  It doesn’t matter if the purpose is to enhance security or wish to install a custom entry door just for style, Artistic Alloys & Design can help! Add some strength and style with our custom commercial doors.

A custom commercial door made by Artistic Alloys & Design will set your business apart while still giving your business the security you want.  All our doors are made from steel, wrought iron, or solid wood and offer a strong, heavy door.  All solid glass is tempered, and leaded glass is insulated between two parts of tempered glass.  We also provide a wide range of hardware to secure the commercial door including, attractive hardware, door closures, or panic hardware.

Basic vs. Custom Commercial Doors Cost

A basic commercial door installation costs between $250 to $550, with an average cost of $400 in the US in 2020. Installation usually takes around 3 hours. It will include the removal of the old door and trim then installing brand new trim, hardware hinges, and knobs. Custom projects can range from $500 to over $10,000, but you’re only limited by your budget. Custom work will include transoms, sidelights, double sidelights, and security systems.

The kind of custom commercial door you decide on will affect the cost of installation. With thousands of door choices, prices will differ considerably from each project. Despite the type of door you choose, labor costs can remain fixed at around $200 to $800 for some projects – labor for custom work will cost more.

Custom Commercial Door Jamb Costs

Door Jambs cost between $150 to $250 – including labor and materials. Produced on-site, custom door jambs include the stop, routering, and holes drilled out for the hardware.

*These are representations of average prices. Some custom types of work can fall above these costs. Labor cost varies by market.


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Custom Commercial Doors in Scottsdale by Artistic Alloys

Artistic Alloys & Design of Scottsdale, Arizona can design, fabricate, and install custom metal work including custom commercial doors all over the Phoenix area. With services for both residential and commercial properties, your business can be equally secure. If you have a property that needs to be more secure and upgraded visually, we are excited about your project and can offer help with all stages of the process. Contact Artistic Alloys & Design today at 480-941-2611 or by filling out our convenient contact form.

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