Iron Gate Maintenance
Written by craig braddick

Painting Wrought Iron Railings

It is a simple fix to clean and repaint iron railings and they often look better than they originally did. Read on to learn more.


Failing to properly clean beforehand can cause issues due to underlying rust. Begin by scrubbing the fence with a wire brush, removing the larger pieces of rust and flaking paint. Next, to remove the rest of the peeling paint, sand the railing with medium-grit sandpaper. This also helps create a useful rough surface. Then, sweep the area and wipe the railings down with soapy water. After drying the metal off with a clean, dry rag, you can begin setting up tarps and dropcloths, as well as applying tape around the bottoms of the railing. Now that your surface is ready, apply a rust-inhibitive primer. After applying an even layer of the primer, let it dry for between one and three hours.


When the surface is completely dry, start applying exterior rust-inhibitive enamel paint. Try to refrain from laying on one thick coat of paint. Instead, apply multiple lighter coats, which creates a more even finish and helps avoid bubbling and subsequent flaking. Basic black paint is a more traditional color choice, but brighter metallic colors can add an interesting contrast to the surroundings. Most people use a semi-gloss or gloss finish, but you also have the option of applying a flat or satin finish.

Rust Prevention

Metallic surfaces are always going to be more prone to rusting and chipping, especially when located outdoors. Fortunately, homeowners can take preventive steps to minimize the damage. Wash wrought iron fences with soapy water twice a year. Wipe the railings down with a mixture of lemon juice and white vinegar, and then buff any scratches or signs of rust with steel wool annually.You may also need to touch up a few areas with matching paint. After it dries, you can even use a coat of car wax to help seal the railings against moisture. If regularly maintained, iron railings don’t usually need to be sanded and repainted more than once every six years.

Free Wrought Iron Fence Installation Quotes In Phoenix & Scottsdale

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