What Is A Range Hood?
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What Is A Range Hood?

If you’re searching the question “What Is A Range Hood?” you might be a new homeowner or have just never heard the fan system above your stove called that.  Range hoods keep cooking comfortable by removing the cooking odors and gases from your home and expel them outdoors.   While the fridge gets a lot of attention in the kitchen, the range hood serves a very important function.  Custom made range hoods also add incredible visual appeal to kitchens.

What Does A Range Hood Do?

The range hood above your range is designed to remove steam, heat, odors, and toxic fumes from cooking.  They either exhaust the air outside, filter the air and recirculate it into the kitchen, or remove airborne grease into traps.  A range hood is just one name that this device is known by.  Other names for range hoods include exhaust plume, extractor hood, kitchen hood, ventilation hood, or fume extractor.

Gets Rid Of Heat

Keeping homes in Arizona is a full-time job, especially in the summer.  Cooking naturally raises the temperature in the kitchen and the home.  A range hood helps remove heat from the kitchen and exhaust it outdoors.  This means you don’t have to slave over that hot stove and a range hood keeps your home cooler.  Keeping the home cooler also means the AC doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you comfortable, which saves energy!

Keeps Air Cleaner

While the smell of a steak or exotic meal cooking on the stove is one of life’s pleasures, the smoke cooking creates can easily carry with it harmful fumes.  The grease, steam, and smoke that many kinds of cooking release might smell great but they contain harmful toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide.  Exhausting the harmful air keeps the home healthier and cooking more enjoyable.  In addition, removing the fumes a range hood removes airborne grease and steam.  This keeps your kitchen cleaner from grease.  Removing steam and moisture also helps avoid developing germs, bacteria, and dreaded mold in your home.

Provides Superior Lighting

Range hoods can provide superior lighting for cooking.  Overhead lighting in your kitchen is typically mounted in the center of the kitchen over your head.  That means when you’re standing at the stove cooking it casts a shadow.  Range hood lighting provides lighting where you need it while you are cooking.  You’ll be able to watch your food cook and flip a steak, eggs, or whatever your cooking at the right moment.  Better lighting also means better ability to clean the stove when you’re done cooking.  Grease splatter can be hard to spot and buildup is a fire hazard.

Makes Cooking Enjoyable

When you can breathe easier and it isn’t as hot in your kitchen, cooking is more enjoyable.  You won’t have to stand in the kitchen preparing meals while breathing toxic fumes or sweating bullets.  This means you will be able to enjoy cooking at home more.  Cooking is a popular hobby for a lot of people today and it can save a ton of money over eating out.  Exhausting the heat and fumes also means that everyone in the home stays more comfortable.  When you install a range hood which is designed for your size of stove and cooking preferences you will love cooking more.

Increases Property Value

A range hood is one of today’s expectations among home buyers.  If you have an outdated, small, or damaged range hood it will hurt your home’s value.  When homeowners simply do not have a range hood it will certainly affect the offer from potential buyers.  While a range hood might have been considered a luxury at one time, today’s home buyers consider it standard equipment in a kitchen.  Invest in your home’s value and install a range hood.  You’ll increase your property value and get to enjoy the benefits of having one for as long as you live in the home.

Custom Range Hoods

Artistic Alloys offers design, fabrication, and installation of custom range hoods for the entire United States! We can manufacture any style of range hood or oven hood you can think of. Contact us today for a custom range hood quote. We offer custom range hoods installation in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix, and anywhere else in Arizona. Need a custom range hood designed, fabricated, and shipped to California, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, Washington State, or Utah? We can help with that too!

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