Range Hood Frequently Asked Questions
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Range Hood Frequently Asked Questions

When you are thinking of getting a beautiful new range hood from Artistic Alloys – you may have some questions regarding what a range hood does and how does it work. Read more here to learn some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions consumers ask when purchasing this must have kitchen accessory.

Will A Range Hood Improve The Air Quality In My Kitchen?

The primary role of a range hood is to filter and remove the air pollution that results from cooking by ducting the grease, steam, and smoke that otherwise would be breathed in by the chef and coat the walls of the kitchen. In basic terms, a range hood does the following:

  • The fan uses suction drawing in the bad air into the hood
  • Airborne grease particles are caught by metal grease filters
  • With an outside duct, this is all carried away from the house. If it is a ductless hood, charcoal filters serve to absorb the air pollutants and recycle the cleaned air back into the kitchen area.

Do Range Hoods Produce More Heat?

No! This is a common misconception. Although cooking naturally creates a great deal of heat as well as steam and smoke, range hood operation actually cools off the kitchen area adding an extra level of protection.

Is Carbon Monoxide An Issue?

It is true that heating equipment and household cooking equipment are the primary causes of carbon monoxide poisoning. That said, in most states, it is mandatory homes have carbon monoxide detectors usually installed in or near the kitchen. However, a detector only warns you once there is a carbon monoxide issue, a range hood actually prevents it from ever becoming an issue.

Do Range Hoods Act As Health Protection?

A range hood offers many safety benefits by cleaning hazardous, irritating and even deadly airborne pollutants. If you do not have a range hood, people in the house will be subject to all these pollutants including CO poisoning.

Can I Still Experiment In The Kitchen With A Range Hood?

Definitely! In fact, a range hood will help you with those dishes you always wanted to have a go at making but were perhaps unsure because of the smell the food prep and cooking may produce. Whether it is a spicy Indian curry or a fish dish, a properly installed range hood can eliminate all the air pollutants. The sky is the limit!

Does A Range Hood Add To The Comfort Of My Kitchen?

Yes, it does! Range hoods significantly reduce the steam, stuffiness, and smell from cooking. No more steam clouds and no more heat blasts. They are sent up into the hood. Drops of grease are absorbed by the ranges air filters. it makes a big difference to your comfort in the kitchen.

Does a Range Hood Contribute To A Clean Kitchen?

Do you ever notice a sticky layer coated with dust when you are cleaning those difficult to clean kitchen area, for example, above the cabinets or behind the stove? This is caused by excess moisture and grease that lingers in the air when you cook without the benefit of a range hood.  Range hoods can reduce the time you have to spend cleaning because they remove moisture and grease. Some range hood models even have timing mechanisms so the switch on at certain times to provide extra ventilation, reducing the chance of grease attaching itself to the surfaces of your kitchen. This also helps to reduce the growth of mold and bacteria -a  vitally important thing is you suffer from respiratory or allergy problems.

Does A Range Hood Provide Additional Lighting?

Without a doubt, an overhead range hood makes for superb lighting as it illuminates the entire stove. Lighting arrangements vary on the model you choose so you can make a decision as to what best serves your purpose. Conversely, if you are really wanting to make an impression, special lighting effects are available including touch-sensitive control panels, LED lighting with LCD displays and other up to date tech.

Does a Range Hood Add To The Resale Value Of My Home?

A range hood is a very important feature of a kitchen and many real estate agents often say the kitchen can be a dealbreaker on a new home, accounting for up to eighty percent of the perceived value of the house. Therefore, the nice the range hood, the increased attractiveness, and value it lends not only to the kitchen but to the entire property. It adds to the overall ambiance of the house as well as its attractiveness to potential buyers.

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