Types of Range Hoods
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Types of Range Hoods

If you’re searching for different types of range hoods, this post should help! Here we discuss the different types of range hoods and their many features.

If you are in the middle of a kitchen remodel or perhaps updating older appliances, one thing you may want to purchase is a vent hood. There are many styles, materials, designs, and types. A lot depends on your kitchen layout, the mixture of cabinets positioned above your countertops, the brand of the stove and oven combination as well as your personal tastes. So it is worth finding out more about vent hoods so you can make the best possible decision to purchase the one you will be happiest with.

The main purpose of a range hood is to control the smells, temperature changes and smells associated with stove cooking. You will have to make a decision regarding how you want the hood to be vented so it cam disperse the unwanted vapors from the stove, protecting your health, that of your family and of course preserving the structure and elegance of your kitchen cabinetry.

Thee different types of range hoods include:

Wall-Mounted Range Hoods

A wall mounted range hood is an ideal space-save as the hood attaches to the wall, well above your range. Many modern kitchen designs incorporate the hood over the stove in this manner instead of utilizing the space for cabinetry. If you already have cabinets, one piece may have to be removed to accommodate the hood. Sometimes, these hoods come with a chimney, assisting with  the ventilation process and they usually vent out through an exterior wall behind them.

Another advantage to a wall mounted hood versus under cabinet hoods is a wall mounted hood can become an elemental design in your kitchen, affording a distinctive look to your cooking area depending on your choice of product style. Because of this, you may end up paying just slightly more for this piece but it really does add more than just mere function to your space for cooking.

Under-Cabinet Range Hoods

Under-cabinet range hoods are one of the most frequently used options because of it’s compactness is the under cabinet hood. As you can imagine, it is mounted underneath the cabinets positioned directly overhead of your stove. By and large the design of this venting system is simple, and adaptable enough to be able to go with any kitchen style.

Ventilation is provided by the duct work for the hood placed either behind the hood connected to an exterior wall or upwards through the cabinet above the hood. This usually ends up saving a small portion of wall space but can take anyway from any storage you want to use in your cabinet.

Ductless Range Hoods

Ductless range hoods can be installed nearly anywhere in your kitchen. They do not need to vent to the outside and you do not need a duct to install. Ductless range hood work by sucking in air, filtering it and blowing it back out into the kitchen. Ductless oven hoods use a recirculation process to filter the air. The air filter contains charcoal and activated carbon which helps remove smoke particles and odor from the air. Then it can recirculate clean air back into the kitchen. You are required to change out.

Ducted Range Hoods

Ducted range hoods or ducted oven hoods are pretty common. However, some kitchen designs limit where your hood can be installed due to the way these hoods move hot air out of your kitchen. A ducted hood must be connected to a duct or vent with pipes that carry airborne particles to the outdoors. This is what differentiates a ducted ranged hood from a ductless range hood, which recirculates air through a filter then right back into the kitchen. You will need the proper ducts if you choose a ducted range hood.

Wall Ventilation Fans

Instead of utilizing a range hood, some homeowners prefer to install a wall ventilation fan instead. Fan systems can be very beneficial when there is poor ventilation but may not work as well when fumes or odors need to be removed from your kitchen quickly. A powerful range hood is the answer if you want to keep your kitchen clear from smells and smoke that arise when you cook powerful ingredients.

Island or Ceiling Mounted Range Hoods

Ranges located on an island and not against a wall of any kind need a ceiling or island range hood. If you have a larger professional type cooktop, a hood mounted from the ceiling will handle the extra output from additional cooking tools and burners.

One benefit of this type of venting device is it can add a distinctive and unique look to your kitchen. Come design options include the usage of modern materials like glass, copper, or ceramic, perfect for different kitchen themes. To maintain the sight-line through the kitchen from being blocked by the range hood, some contractors position the hood a little higher than other types. Because of the demands of your stoves exhaust, you may need to purchase an island range hood with a larger capacity.

Ventilation Power Pack Hoods

If you are not a fan of the look of more common range hoods, there is an alternative, a more seamless style known as the ventilator power pack. One great benefit is it can be added to your already installed cabinets without using all of the available storage space. So you do not need to remove anything or change the arrangement of your kitchen, as the power pack is small, continuous within the parts you have already installed in your kitchen. Once you decide to obtain a power pack ,you will need to discuss with us how to have one custom fitted into your current kitchen design.

Downdraft Ventilation Hoods

A less frequently seen system of ventilation is known as a downdraft ventilation hood. This kind of exhaust product is maintained inside of the cooking space until it is time to be used. Once you need to utilize the fan, it pops up along the back of the range. This is a wonderful idea when space is limited. It can also be a good solution for stokes that are part of a kitchen island set up or against a wall. They compliment the look of nay home as these types of ventilation products are unobtrusive.


When you start considering the upgrade of your range top for a kitchen, choosing an effective range hood is a vital choice in the process. A system that keeps your air clean and fresh, free from smoke and lingering odors are important factors in maintaining a healthy and comfortable atmosphere in your entire home. The vast amounts of options of vent hoods available today has almost no limitations on the style of hood is its placement – truly there is something to match everyone’s desires. It is amazing how a big a difference this small change in your home can make as well as improving the functionality of your kitchen.

Types of Range Hoods By Metal Type

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There are many different types of range hoods including:

  • Metal Range Hoods
  • Custom Metal Range Hoods
  • Copper Range Hoods
  • Stainless Steel Commercial Hoods
  • Durable Industrial Range Hoods
  • Kitchen Range Hoods

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