Considerations for Choosing a Range Hood
Written by craig braddick

What Is A Canopy Range Hood

Canopy range hoods are a design style of range hoods originally based on the industrial style and build of range hoods found inside commercial and prfoessional kitchens. As you can probably guess from the name, it takes the form of a canopy over the cooking area, giving it not only an eye-catching imrpssive looking design but also gives it a very easy to use, efficent and effective operation. Read on to learn more as a canopy range hood may be just what you are looking for!

It Is A Matter Of Size

With a canopy range hood, the range hood you choose should match the width of your cooktop. next, measure the space above the cooktop. It is really improtant you measure and take a note of all the dimensions before you make your purchase a you want to ensure the canopy range hood will fit in the available space.


By the means of a metal duct via the ceiling or a wall, a ducted range hood will direct the air from your kitchen. By far this is the best way to clear the air. But it may not always be possible unless you utilize the services of a building contractor who may have to knock out a hole in the ceiling or roof to install the ducting pipe.

Range Hoods That Recirculate

By filtering impurities from the air recirculating range hoods recirculate the now clean air back into the area of your kitchen by utilizing carbon fibers but need to be repalced from time to time. One advantage this style of range hood has is there is no need for the installation of a duct pipe through the ceiling or wall. The downside to this is the effectiveness of the range hood is somewhat reduced.

Rate of Extraction

The ability of a range hood to draw in air is known as its extraction rate. Obviously models that vent in larger amounts of air will therefore have a higher extraction rate and this means they will be highly effective pieces of equipment. This rate is measure using what is known as cubic meters per hour. The bigger your kitchen, the better is it to find a range hood with a higher rated extraction rate so odors and smoke from cooking are best minimized from traveling through your home. If you are in to cooking, a range hood with an extraction rate of around 700m3/h would be ideal.


Ducted rangehoods will usually feature aluminium filters, which need to be cleaned regularly so look for a model with dishwasher-safe filters. Some range hoods will have a buuilt in filter indicatoe, showing when is the correct time to change the filter.

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