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How To Install A Range Vent Hood

Installing a range vent hood is a wonderful adition to your kitchen but also a much needed one. The job is not difficult so read on to learn how you can install a brand new range vent hood.

  1. Take a hole saw with a 6 inch diamater and cut a hole through the interior surface of the wall straight above the range. Use a wet/dry vacuum to collect the dust that accumulates while the hole is being cut.
  2. If this cannot be achieved in a single pass, remove the plaster from the hole and recommence drilling.
  3. If needed you can use a multi-tool to cut wood lath from the 6-inch hole.
  4. Drill through the nakside of the wall sheathing to the outdoors by replacing the hole saw with a bit measuring one quarter of an inch.
  5. From the outside, again utilize the 6 inch hole saw so it cuts through the wall sheathing and siding.
  6. Cut a six inch diameter hole through the the PVC trim to make a mounting plate.
  7. Taking a pencil, trace the PVC plate against the house siding.
  8. Cut the siding along the pencil lines with an angle grinder.
  9. Apply a bead of silicone adhesive around the hole in wall. Press the PVC mounting plate tight to the wall, and secure with screws.
  10. Attach a 6 inch diamater elbow to the vent cap using duct tape.
  11. Slide the vent cap into the hole from the outside and secure it to the mounting plate with screws that are self-tapping.
  12. Slide an elbow through the hole and onto the vent cap elbow from inside the kitchen and then use duct tape to secure it.
  13. Screw the vent-hood mounting brackets to kitchen wall; be sure to drive the screws into wall studs.
  14. Slide the vent hood into the brackets and secure with screws driven into wall studs.
  15. Provide power to the vent hood’s exhaust and light fan by making the electrical connections.
  16. Conceal the exposed ductwork by the installation of the vertical cover.

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