Range Hood Height Over Stove
Written by craig braddick

Range Hood Height Over Stove

So you have decided on a new range hood but are still unsure of how high the range hood should be positioned in relation to the floor, the ceiling and the stove top. Read on to learn more so you can enjoy you new range hood to the maximum.

Range hoods require a considered approach to make sure they are both functional and safe. A range hood that is positioned too close to the range top may become a hazard for fire. On the other hand, a range top positioned too high above the stove top will be limited in its ability to remove grease, steam and smoke. There are also some generally accepted industry standards for the height of range hoods that many contractors use as a baseline.

Height Variations

Range hoods come in a very wide variety of options from standard range hoods found in smaller domestic kitchens to high capacity models. These high capacity models can fan odors from the kitchen with a far greater velocity and can therefore be installed somewhat higher than standard range models.  Range hoods that are high capacity are usually installed between two and two and a half feet above the stove top, while standard models are installed on average between 18 and 24 inches above the surface of the stove top.

From Floor Level

Sometimes contractors prefer to measure the height of the range hood they are installing from the floor rather than from the surface of the cooktop. In these instances, the bottom of the range hood usually measure five feet from the floor.

Capture Areas

The capture area of the range hood is just as important as the height of the range hood. The capture area is defined by the size of the stove underneath the range hood. So, for example, a 42 inch wide range hood should accomodate a stovetop that measures 36 inches from side to side.

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