Considerations for Choosing a Range Hood
Written by craig braddick

Range Hood Maintenance

Unquestionably a range hood is an essential kitchen tool with its ability to vent odors, fumes and heat. But like every other home appliance, it will require regular maintenance. Read on to learn more so you can ensure your range hood works up to its full potential.

No Power To The Range Hood?

Range hoods are either wired directly into the mains supply of the house or plug into a wall. It is best to check if a fuse has not blown when the fan and light does not turn on.

The Light On The Range Hood Will Not Turn On

If the fan on the hood is working and the light does not come on, the first order of the day is to check the light bulb. In cases whee the buldb has bruned out, repalce it. if there is still an issue the culprit may be a light switch that has become defective or the light socket. This can often be purchased and is simple to install. but if the switch is defective, it may require the assistance of a good repairman.

When The Fan Is Not Working

In this situation, it is likely to be one or maybe both of two common issues. Firstly, there may be an on-off switch that is broken or/and the fan motor may have burned out. Unless you have strong repair skills, it is best to hire a handyman to remedy these issues. if you want to investigate what part is malfunctioning, you can utilize an ohm meter and chekc the fan switch. If continuity is shown, the switch is not defective and the cause is more like to be the fan motor.

Other Maintenance Suggestions

If the filter is not cleaned from all the greasy build up on the fan and filter, your range hood will not work at maximum efficency but it will also shortern the lifetime expectancy of the appliance – not to mention creating a potential fire hazard. Luckily, cleaning your range is easy and does not require a great deal of time.

  • Check with the appliance manual and locate the filter underneath the hood and remove it, gently.
  • On an aluminum filter, use hot water and soap to remove any grease. Allow the filter to air dry before replacing.
  • Using hot, soapy water wipe the inside and the outside off of each blade.
  • Once you are done put everything back in its place and reconnect the power to the range.

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