What Is A Custom Range Hood Insert
Written by craig braddick

What Is A Custom Range Hood Insert?

A hood insert is a ventilation unit fit inside a custom range hood enclosure.  It is the work horse part of the range hood, providing ventilation to control grease. smoke and odors from cooking.

Hood Insert Types

Hood insert types are for use in either wall mount or island range hood. Hood inserts are known as custom built-in ventilators, cabinet inserts and power packs. It contains speed, lights and blower controls – the functional ventilation unit inside the wood cabinet or other decorative housing.

Custom range hood enclosures feature a hood insert that can be crafted from from copper, brass, wood, stainless steel, or other material specified by the customer to match their kitchen décor. The mechanical blower providing ventilation is then positioned in the custom enclosure. A custom range hood insert is usually between 19″ and 60″ wide, to suit the ventilation requirements of your kitchen.

Inserts include an internal or external blower with a CFM (cubic feet of air moved per minute) vary from 200 to as much as 1600 CFM. With a customized insert, you have the flexibility to combine different specifications. Many manufacturers customize a ventilation kit for your range hood. Others offer a wide selection of range inserts to fit into any custom range hood enclosure.

Cabinet Inserts

Cabinet inserts offer many features. Some units have built-in heat sensors that turn up the ventilating power as the temperature on the cooktop or stove rises. You can order custom inserts with professional-quality baffle filters that remove even large amounts of grease and smoke from the air, removable troughs to trap liquefied grease or a charcoal recirculating kit. Most manufacturers offer custom range hood inserts with seamless stainless steel construction.

A metal sleeve is required for some range hood inserts, or liner to make the installation complete. that protectes the exterior base of a custom hood. This may contain a light panel and they often have a flexible design to make adjustments in the height to fit different sizes of range hoods.


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